Cheap Reseller Hosting Vs Expensive Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is a very popular option these days and there are many reasons why that is the case. With the ability to re-rent the server’s space and resources, reseller hosting allows you to design, develop, and host websites for your own customers under the initial provider. Reseller hosting does not require a lot of technical knowledge or expertise. With the WHMCS software, you can control all the operations of your business. The software is also GUI-based which means it is very easy to use even for people who are just starting out. Reseller hosting does not need a ton of capital investments so pretty much everyone can get into the business of hosting. If you are not quite familiar with this topic, or you want to cover the basics, you can take a look at this article on what is reseller hosting? After you do so, you can research packages and find reseller hosting providers that offer attractive monthly plans.  However, you may notice a big gap between the prices of the cheaper monthly plans and the more expensive ones, and wonder which ones are really worth it.

So to see which ones are a better value for your money, in this article, we will compare two resellers hosting monthly plans and see what each has to offer for the given price.

Cheap reseller hosting providers

Do not fool yourself by thinking you need to spend a fortune to pick a good reseller hosting. There are hundreds of web providers that will get the job done without breaking the bank. Reseller hostings like Hostwinds, SiteGround, Inmotion and Verpex offer very affordable reseller hosting plans. 

So what do you get with the cheaper plans? One of the cheaper reseller hostings is Hostwinds, which has a basic reseller plan for $ 5.24 a month. Where you get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space plus one free domain. Hostwinds offers 24/7 website monitoring that resolves any potential issues. It also does nightly backups on your data, and lets you keep it for as long as you need. There is 24/7 customer support via live chats or support tickets. Hostwinds also offers a free reseller website migration. It uses cPanel and Softaculous so you get a 1-step installation. Hostwinds uses a drag and drop website builder where you can customize the layout of your website. Many of the products have discounts. You can also try the 60 day money back guarantee trial. Hostwinds can be a good fit for smaller websites with medium amounts of traffic.

Expensive reseller hosting providers

If you do not mind the price and only want the best performance for your website, reliable reseller hostings is the way to go since it offer better features. Some more expensive reseller hostings are A2 hosting, HostPapa, InterServer, and ResellerClub. The prices of these hostings are not high end but they do hold a higher price compared to the other reseller hostings on the market. 

A2 Hosting is a famous higher-priced reseller hosting that offers mouthy plans, for around $50.00 a month. A2 offers a super-fast page loading with an average speed of 279 ms and a 99.99% uptime. A2 also offers many extra security features like 24/7 server monitoring, malware scanning, firewalls, and layers of encryption. The data on A2 is protected from service attacks (DDoS). The reseller hosting has 25 free site migrations. A2 Hosting works great with all content management systems and has performance-enhancing plugins that make the CMSs work faster. It also has its own website builder with many developer-friendly tools that get you admin-level access to the servers, free server rewind backups, and multiple versions of everything PHP, MySQL, Apache, Python, and Ruby. A2 also provides a fast 24/7 customer service support via live chat, email, ticketing, phone, and via knowledge base. If all this is not enough, you can always get your money back guarantee which means you can cancel anytime and receive a prorated amount back for the remaining time you’ve prepaid.

Final thoughts

From the comparison in this article, we can conclude that there are reseller hosting plans available at incredibly cheap prices. But most of the time you get what you pay for. This does not necessarily mean that cheap reseller hostings are not good but you can expect some technical issues to appear during your work. 

Today most of the larger hosting providers offer reseller hosting options, but they are not always cheap, the reseller hosting plans are usually more expensive than some of the other types of hostings on the market. The companies that offer reseller hosting plans for a very cheap price, usually do not provide the average support, features, and uptime levels that you need to run your website successfully. Especially if you are planning to successfully resell your hosting to others and act as a provider yourself you will be needing the most reliable reseller hosting, at the most affordable price in order to make a decent profit.