Common Myths versus Facts about Sports Betting

For a long time, online gambling, including sports betting has been the subject of discussion by most people who understand the industry and those who are clueless about it. This has led to confusion on most aspects regarding sports betting. Consequently, most new bettors and those aspiring to bet on sports do not have much true information regarding what they are getting into. Some get into sports betting as a trial activity before they are confident enough to embrace sports betting fully. Read on about some of the common misconceptions about sports betting.

Online Sports Betting is Not Safe

New bettors are afraid of signing up for real money betting for fear that their funds can be accessed by hackers and fraudsters. However, the truth is that online betting sites must provide a secure betting platform for their players and bettors. The sites use secure SSL encryption software, and there is no risk of losing your funds to scammers or identity thieves. Additionally, any funds in your online bookmaker’s account cannot be accessed by third parties since the sites are secure.

You, Will, Get Addicted To Betting Once You Start

Just like in many games, including casino gambling, sports betting, and especially popular football betting, any entertainment requires some discipline. Getting addicted to a particular sport is not dependent on the sport, but it is a lack of a punter’s discipline in managing his lifestyle and budget. Additionally, almost all bookmakers have a ‘responsible gambling’ page and encourage bettors to bet within their limits and to bet responsibly. Just like in many sports, you need to set a budget and stick to your set limits on how much you can afford to spend and the amount of time you spend while betting.

You Bet against the Bookmaker

There is a misconception that in sports betting it’s all about the bettor versus the bookmaker. Betting exchanges, for instance, involve bettors betting against each other with the bookmaker only getting a commission. This psychologically removes the fear that you are betting against a mighty institution since you will be betting against fellow bettors.

Sports betting can become a source of Regular Income
Despite some bettors having scored reasonably high winnings, this should not convince you to ditch your regular source of income in support of sports betting. In as much as you will win some of the time, you cannot successfully predict the amount of winnings you can make in a particular month. At the same time, you have monthly bills that require a constant source of income.

It would, therefore, be foolhardy to budget on your responsibilities using the winnings that you get from sports bets. The truth is that sports betting is an irregular source of income faced with some uncertainties despite the fact that sometimes you may make profitable winnings.

Winning Depends On Luck, and You Lose Most Of The Time
This is not true, and with careful planning and hard work in studying sports betting, you can win big payouts. The games are thoroughly monitored by independent bodies, and there is no chance of rigging hence you cannot lose all the time. Additionally, you should not only trust on luck but careful studying of the sports you bet on can improve your winning chances.

The Bookmaker already has Insider Information Regarding the Outcomes/Fixed Matches

Sport betting just like any other games requires you to have some knowledge and skills on how it operates. You must understand your chances of winning rather than claiming that you lose your bets because the bookmaker has prior information about the game results. The truth is that the bookmaker does not have prior information about the outcome of the games.