Creative Ways Loan Apps Use To Rank Their Users

As competition tends to increase in the mobile lending sector, most lenders are compelled to become innovative in how they provide optimum app user-experience to their end users.

While some may provide additional in-app services like buying airtime and offering referral bonuses, others prefer conveying the sense of competitiveness to their users.

Below are some of the lenders who rank their users according to their individual loan limits.


Senti is a loan app offered by Roamtech

  • PLASTIC Ksh 200-1400
  • BRONZE Ksh 1,500-4,900
  • SILVER Ksh 5,000-9,900
  • GOLD Ksh 10,000-15,900
  • PLATINUM Ksh 16,000-30,000


Tala is a loan app offered by Inventure Mobile.

  • BRONZE Ksh 500-4,999
  • SILVER Ksh 5,000-9,999
  • GOLD Ksh 10,000-30,000


JumboPesa is a loan app offered by Antelope Technology.

  • BRONZE Ksh 500-999
  • SILVER Ksh 1,000-2,000
  • GOLD Ksh 2,001-3,000
  • PLATINUM Ksh 3,001-5,000
  • DIAMOND Ksh 5,001-50,000


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