List Of Deadliest Drugs used to Commit Crime in Kenya

Recent research by Ipsos Synovate shows that there has been a rise in crime rates in Kenya, particularly in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, and coastal beach resorts. The most shocking thing is how the offenders have advanced in the methods they use to commit the crimes. The use of deadly drugs has been reported to be one of the latest trends used to victimize their preys.

On this post, we are going to list some of the most common drugs that have been reported to commit crimes in Kenya. Whether it’s due to a hallucination or a seriously altered state of mind, these drugs can cause terrible damage and change the lives of their victims forever.

1. Stilnox 

Mostly used by Nairobi prostitutes to drug men in nightclubs before robbing them. This drug literally knocks you unconscious before turning you into a zombie. It usually works within 15 minutes and has a short half-life of two to three hours. They are in form of tablets but in Nairobi, prostitutes always crush them into powder form for ease of use.


This is one of the world’s most dangerous drug used in crimes. Many Kenyans have been victims of  Scopolamine. Ever heard of a story whereby someone is robbed by a stranger without his knowledge? Well, Scopolamine powder is always blown into victims’ face which eventually causes them to lose free will, and allows them to be convinced to do anything. Those drugged withdraw their own belongings, savings, and in some cases even give up their secrets.

The most frightening thing about this drug is the fact that victims do not seem as if they have been drugged at all( It’s odorless and tasteless which makes it hard for the victim to sense any danger)  This is perhaps the most frightening part. A criminal only needs to blow it in a victim’s face to render them powerless.

Doctors in Kenya mostly use it for surgical procedures and trades by the name Transdermal Scopolamine—but if lands in hands of criminals, bizarre and deadly criminal acts can be committed using it.

Below are Datura seeds which are used to make the scariest drug.

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3. Alprazolam

This drug which commonly known as Xanax falls under the class of the Benzodiazepines that are widely used to commit crimes in the country. It’s linked to memory loss, drowsiness and also increases the strength of alcohol if mixed.


This drug is cheaply found in Kenya since it is a prescription drug and is available for most chemists. Rogue pharmacists mostly sell the drug to prostitutes, who use it to spike drinks of their before robbing them. Criminals prefer to have them in powder form for ease of spiking and usually have no color or smell when added to drinks or food. Rohypnol is also famously known as the date-rape pill which lowers one’s brain activity.

5. Midazolam 

It’s one of the most supplied drugs in the Kenyan criminal underworld. The drug is marketed locally as Dormicum and used in lethal injections. When administered, Midazolam can render the victim unconscious. Thereafter, breathing and heart will stop leading to death.

Legally, Midazolam is used by surgeons when administering anesthesia to patients before surgery.


Ketamine is primarily as an analgesic pain reliever, but it’s also a popular street drug in Kenya. It mostly used in Nairobi Matatus and nightclubs. One reason for its popularity as a club drug is that the hallucinations are relatively short-lived, lasting up to one hour, inability to feel pain after injection, immobility ( muscle weakness), and a feeling of lack of control over your environment(temporarily impaired vision). Because it also causes amnesia, you may not remember an assault the next day.

Ketamine comes in powder or liquid. The powder can be added to cigarettes, weed and smoked. The liquid can be injected or ingested orally, usually by mixing it in drinks. Liquid ketamine can also be evaporated down to crystals by heating, for instance in the microwave or on a hotplate, then crushed into powder form for snorting or smoking.

7.GHB (gamma hydroxybutyric acid)

At one time, GHB was used to treat anxiety and the complications of childbirth. Its effects include drowsiness, memory loss, difficulty breathing, nausea, seizures, vomiting and unconsciousness which are a perfect catch to aid in criminal activities.  Although GHB has a salty taste, it is not that easy to detect that taste in a beverage because a very small amount can produce a powerful effect. It may take only 15 minutes for you to notice the effects of GHB, which can last for several hours.

8.Ecstasy  ”Molly”

This substance is also called ‘the love drug” for its euphoric and emotional effects on users. However, the “love drug” also has some very dangerous impacts on users. The effects of ecstasy can range from a bad hangover the next day to a fatal overdose. It is most commonly crushed into powder and spiked in drinks-  a very popular drug at nightclubs by prostitutes and assaulters.  It causes increased sociability and a feeling of connection to others, hallucinations, increased feelings of closeness to others and increased emotionality.

Even with just one use, ecstasy can be fatal. This is because the drug causes the body to heat up and dehydrate, which can lead to death, especially because the effects of the drug may cause users not to notice significant changes in their body.

These drugs can cause severe emotional, depression,  and physical trauma or even worse – death. At, we want you to be safe and healthy. Check out some of the measures you can take to protect yourself from being drugged here. 

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