Dhania Farming In Kenya

This article focuses on Dhania farming in Kenya. Cilantro, popularly known as Dania is grown in warm to cold regions in the country. It is commonly used as a food flavour and to prepare salads.

Varieties of Dhania Grown in Kenya

  • Seed coriander.
  • Cilantro.
  • Leaf ciliantro.
  • Vietnamese coriander.

Ecological Conditions for Growing Dhania

  • Fertile and well-drained sandy loam soils with a pH of 6.8. The soil should be rich in organic matter.
  • Temperature range between 18-25°c.
  • 5-6 hours of sunlight on a daily basis.

Planting and Propagation

Propagation is by seeds. The seeds can be sown directly or first grown in a seedbed nursery and then later transplanted. Direct sowing of seeds is the best method compared to transplanting.

Planting Process

Before planting, soak seeds in an optimizer for about 6-12 hours. This is to speed up the process of germination which takes about 10 days.

Prepare rows which should be 2-4 cm deep and with a spacing of 15cm by 30cm then drill seeds in the rows.

Cover the seeds with soil mixed with farmyard manure and DAP. The seeds should be covered with a thin layer of soil. DAP improves soil structure and stimulates root development. Remember to water the seeds.


Proper weeding needs to be done to avoid competition between the weeds and crops for nutrients.

Pests and Diseases Management

Common pests that attack Dhania include aphids, cutworms and armyworms. The pests can be controlled by spraying the plants with Kingcode elite, Alonze, Pentagon… etc.

Common diseases include soft rot, damping off and powdery mildew. The diseases can be controlled by drenching soil with pyramid, Greencop, ransom or chariot.


Dhania can be harvested after 25-35 days of planting. Harvesting is done by plucking the green-coloured leaves or pulling the entire plant.

Market for Dhania in Kenya

The demand for Dhania in the local market is very high. A farmer can sell his or her produce in open-air markets, groceries or supply to institutions such as schools, hotels and restaurants.

The price of Dhania in the local markets goes as low as Kshs 5.

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