Do You want to Optimize Videos for Youtube? Follow These Tips

Very few people are aware of the fact that YouTube is just second to Google when it comes to being the most used search engine. YouTube- the Google product boasts of more than 4 billion videos viewed every day and over 60 hours of videos being uploaded per minute. Now that’s staggering!

YouTube videos can help business owners by giving their content more visibility both on YouTube and Google. Since more than 800 million exclusive users are visiting the channel every month, it would not come as a surprise that YouTube serves as the center for video content posted by companies.

But content on YouTube only works when it is duly optimized to be discovered, shared, and watched by the prospective audiences and clients. Existing innovators in the field can use the YouTube video optimization tips below to grab exemplary results.

Start with YouTube Keyword Research

Video keyword research is one of the most important steps to be followed during the YouTube SEO procedure. Firstly, you will have to work on generating a complete list of keyword ideas. Then use the Search Suggest attribute on YouTube for finding the right keywords.

You even have the option of going to a popular video content within your niche, examining its keywords, and using it. Always keep in mind; keyword optimization is one of the most important parts of YouTube SEO.

If a certain video has many views, the chances are that it is duly optimized around some of the most well-known keywords.

Create Good Content

Use the right outro maker for creating top-quality content. If you are successful in creating exclusive and interesting content, people will surely be more interested in watching your entire video.

Make sure your video content revolves around solving a certain problem, answering a question, entertaining the customers, educating them, or creating emotions. Your keyword research and content analysis can help you in coming up with proper topics that might interest the prospects.

It works to check on the competitors as well. Learn what they are doing for engaging the target audience through videos. Use their techniques and strategies the other way round and in a better and bigger way to put your message in front of your prospective customers.

Views on videos count only when a certain percentage of these videos are watched. Your videos will garner record-breaking views only if they are short, informative, and to-the-point. Also, do not forget about the script or wording, sound, and quality of the video.

Why Not Place Video Snippets on the Business Site?

This is one strategy that works. Placing snippets on your YouTube video on your business site will surely help boost video views and make the viewers curious about discovering the products or services you are dealing with.

Not only on the business web page, but you can also place the snippets on other social media platforms. This way, the subscribers on different social sites will remain updated with the latest releases coming from your end.

For instance, if you are loading your YouTube video on Facebook, the followers and subscribers will remain updated about the same without viewing them separately on your YouTube channel.

Add Locations to Videos to Reach the Local Audiences

You can make your YouTube videos geographically searchable by adding locations to the same. This further helps in getting quality views. Many marketers make this mistake of craving for 10,000 useless views instead of focusing on the 100 quality views.

Paying attention to these statistics can help you generate better leads, which will further result in your business growth. If you have not added a location to your already posted video on YouTube, you can edit videos online to get desired results.

Add Transcripts to Video Descriptions

The YouTube video description field generally fits in around 4850 characters. This space is sufficient for fitting in transcripts for 10-minute, dialogue-heavy videos. Just add a short transcript to the description with the link of the full version taking the viewers to your business page.

Always remember, YouTube video descriptions are prime spots for the different search engines when it comes to crawling and indexing videos. Since transcripts are keyword-optimized for video topics, they can serve as great fuel when it comes to optimizing YouTube videos.

Come Up with Alluring CTAs

One of the best things about using YouTube is it offers a lot of space for promoting other digital channels, product pages, and videos. The users can easily embed links at different strategic junctures throughout their videos. Further, they can create playlists for encouraging the viewers to discover their channels. This automatically drives in conversions.

Video Title Is the Most Important

Just like having a title for the blogs and articles posted on different platforms is important, YouTube videos also need to have creative and catchy titles. A descriptive and concise title that includes phrases people generally search for will bring in a great many views to your YouTube video. Try being natural with this while also incorporating the right keywords.

Annotations Are a Big Thing

Ask YouTube marketing experts, and they will tell you the significance of video annotations. These are one good way of engaging the viewers with videos and helping them spend more time viewing the content presented.

By linking a video to other videos in the same series or linking the video to certain product pages or categories on your site, you can get more viewers. Annotations can even encourage users to go for your business solutions. They remain on screen for a few seconds but work wonders in optimizing a YouTube video.


It is impossible to optimize a bad YouTube video. Know this, have your hands on creating top-quality video content and only then try to optimize it the way you want your customers to view it.

Optimize your video content in such a way that the viewers continue watching them till the end. So, covering the basics of what features make great YouTube video content is always very important.