E-Passport Application Requirements In Kenya

In this post, we are going to look at all the requirements one must meet before applying for the new e-passport in Kenya. The main difference between the current ordinary passport and the ePassport is the additional chip. The current passport doesn’t have a chip while the new ePassport has a chip that stores the passport holder’s info. The chip facilitates faster clearance at ports of entry and exit.

This is how the new Kenyan e-passport looks like.

1.Ordinary Passport

2. Diplomatic Passport 

The e-passport logo which is appearing on the cover of the ePassport is the international symbol for an electronic passport.

Requirements For Kenyan e-Passport

1. An eCitizen pre-filled passport application form and three receipts.

2.Original birth certificate and photocopy.

3.Original National ID Card & copy.

4.Three Current passport size photos.

5.Recommender’s ID Card copy.

A Recommender can be either of the following

  •  Lawyers –
  • Religious leaders
  • Doctors
  • Bankers
  • Civil servant

But NOT a relative.

6.Consent letter for minors.

7.Old passport for replacement.

8. Parents National ID cards and copy.

Kenyan e-Passport Application steps 

1.Register on www.ecitizen.go.ke

2. Go to immigration.ecitizen.go.ke and or Department of immigration services and click on the passport application form.

3. Read the instructions carefully then fill the application form.

4. Select the mode of payment and pay for the passport fees.

5. Download and print the application form and three application receipts.

6. Submit the application form in person to the Immigration offices for Bio-metrics.  ( Nyayo house, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisii, Embu,  & Kisumu.)

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Kenyan e-Passport Fees

Passport Type


32 Pages Ordinary A Series


48 pages Ordinary B Series


64 Pages Ordinary C Series


East African Passport


Diplomatic passport 48 pages


Mutilated Passport


Lost Passport



  • Current passport holders that are valid will only be in use till August 2019. All passport holders are required to change to the new epassport by then.
  • Those with Valid visas in the old passports will still remain valid even after replacement.
  • You can use the new e-Passport even if you are travelling outside East Africa; It’s an International Passport.

For questions, call :

  • Nairobi Office: +254 772 246 669
  • Mombasa Office: +254 708 206 206

You can alternatively contact them via Twitter @ImmigrationDept for swift responses.

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