Earn Your Microsoft MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure by Passing 70-410 Test!

Microsoft is the leading vendor of Cloud services, gaming systems, computer software, as well as IT training and certification exams. In order to ensure Microsoft products are always on point, IT professionals are trained in various technologies. For that purpose, Microsoft offers industry-standard exams that lead to professional certifications of different levels.

Microsoft designed a professional certification program whereby only the candidates with a profound understanding of Microsoft technologies can get certified. 70-410: Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure is one of the exams that allows IT, professionals, to obtain the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure expert-level certification. 70-410 can serve as a perfect example of a typical Microsoft certification test, and below we will focus on its details, intricacies, and bonuses it can bring Testking Video Training.

Microsoft 70-410 exam details

Microsoft 70-410 validates the technologist’s understanding of Server infrastructure of Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012R2. In order to pass 70-410 test, candidates must showcase the utmost hands-on skills in the following IT topics:

  • Server infrastructure maintenance and management
  • Implementation and planning of a highly available enterprise infrastructure
  • Planning and implementation of server virtualization infrastructure
  • Implementing and designing access and identity solutions

70-410 exam questions cut across all the above topics. Although some topics can have only several questions, you should always be ready to provide appropriate answers to all questions. As 70-410 acts as an expert-level exam, you need to fulfill certain requirements before passing it. In this case, prerequisites include:

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows Server 2016
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: Windows Server 2012

Upon completion of one of these credentials, you will be able to move to your MCSE exams, 70-410 in particular. The cost of this test is $165.

With the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure credential, you will surely get noticed because Microsoft certifications are very popular in the IT-sphere. The popularity of Microsoft credentials is due to the following reasons:

  1. Microsoft inventions

Most of the inventions that run the world are products of Microsoft. When we talk about the leading operating system, Microsoft dominates with its Windows OS. Microsoft products are always stable and secure as compared to other similar products. Additionally, most of the Microsoft software undergoes automatic updates in a background mode. As a result, many organizations and institutions prefer Microsoft products.

  1. Industry standards

The Information Technology industry is very dynamic. Microsoft is one of the leading vendors which ensures that every product or certification is in line with the current industry demands. A good example is Microsoft 70-410 certification exam which focuses on the implementation of advanced Server infrastructure. Every organization requires a server to share data, information, and Internet. Therefore, IT professionals who are skilled in implementing server infrastructure are always needed.

  1. Diversification of business

Microsoft is the “Jack of all trades”. It covers a broad spectrum of technologies which the world needs. The fact that Microsoft offers professional certifications, operating system, Office 365 software, Skype, and other technology products is enough to alarm the world that Microsoft is the world leader in technology. In fact, having Microsoft certification nowadays is a perfect way to advertise your skills because a strong majority of the companies in the world use Microsoft products.

  1. Integrated programming

Microsoft has really come a long way with its programming developments. Today, you can develop a block of code on Microsoft software and run it on different platforms. This has provided an exclusive opportunity for developers to create software that has no limitations when it comes to implementation.

  1. Microsoft apps are compatible with iOS and Android

This is a very important aspect of Microsoft products. There are organizations or people who like to use iOS while others prefer to use Android. Microsoft has actively involved everyone when it comes to mobile app development. If an Android user wants to communicate via Skype, for example, he or she does not need the respondent to have an Android phone for communication to be established. iOS user can communicate with an Android user and vice-versa without having any limitations.

  1. Microsoft Azure

Many businesses are moving their services to the Cloud. Microsoft Azure is currently one of the best Cloud platforms which offer secure, efficient, and affordable Cloud services in the world. Azure provides Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service capability for its clients. If you are also looking for hybrid Cloud, then Microsoft Azure is all you need. Such an enormous impact on the business world makes Microsoft very popular.

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Job opportunities

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Server Engineer
  • Cloud Architect

According to PayScale.com, MCSE certified professionals with Cloud Platform and Infrastructure specialization are paid an annual basic salary of around $100,000.

In a nutshell

Microsoft certifications are beneficial to IT professionals because Microsoft is globally popular. Every IT professional should aim at becoming MCSE certified because the industry requires specialists who have an advanced understanding of new technologies. Get certified earlier and you will be a valuable asset to the society in the future.