East African Musicians Who Perfectly Pranked Us With Fake Weddings

Celebrities can do just anything to please or to keep their fans guessing on their next move. Celebrity weddings keep fans on their toes trying to figure out who the lucky man or woman is, there is usually a lot of excitement and anxiety to know what really happened as many of these celebrity “weddings” don’t reveal a lot about what really transpired. You don’t really get to see the brides face or even if you do, there is always that urge to know more.

Many celebrities across East Africa have pranked us with “weddings” and we have perfectly fallen victim. Personally, I have fallen victim to more than three of these pranks. The likes of Akothee and Bahati pulled out this wedding pranks so perfectly that we were convinced it was a low-key planned and invite only wedding.

Below are some of the musicians who perfectly the wedding prank only for us to realize it was a shoot for their music video when the music video was out. Have a  look;

1. Akothee

She is sassy, audacious and many know her as the richest female musician in Kenya. Shes typically a don’t care, harsh to her haters and lives life to the fullest. Enough for description, Akothee is an obvious suspect in wedding pranks. In a retreat to South Africa, Akothee did what many thought to be a private wedding with his white “fiancee” and speculations were out that she was taken…yet again. But we were in for some rude shock because that was actually a scene for her new song Yuko Moyoni. Akothee just never ceases to amaze.


Let me just call him the pioneer of wedding pranks in Kenya…hehe. We had not been pranked like this before by our musicians and everybody, literary everybody fell victim. The year was 2014 and the music industry was blazing hot with musicians doing everything possible to outdo each other. Others shot videos abroad, others with a bevy of beautiful video vixens, others spent heavily on quality videos but Jaguar used a rather simple but genius technique. The photos of him walking down the aisle in a colorful way made us believe that he had finally settled down. Little did we know that it was a video shoot for One Centimetre Away

3. Bahati

Kenyan Gospel musician while producing his Mapenzi song, he got married in an invite-only wedding, and many were convinced this bachelor was officially taken. What sealed the prank was the fact that Eric Omondi and Dj Mo among other celebrities wished them all the best in their marriage and we were totally convinced only to realize it was a video shoot for his new song Mapenzi.

4. Willy Paul

Will Paul is also full of surprises. If in one moment he is not admiring socialites or posting about buying his mother a phone or posing with some random model and leaving everyone guessing, then he is out here planning some mischief like pranking you. He posted a picture dressed in a suit, complete with a best man, a colorful aisle and a bride who he covered her face upon posting. Many were convinced but hey, personally I never took it in because I had fallen victim to this way too many times. Many came to know it was actually a shoot for his video.

5. Chege Chigunda

I love Chege’s lyrical prowess, solid content and of course, catchy bongo videos. Just like many other musicians, he perfectly executed the wedding prank for the Waache Waonane video shoot which was featuring Diamond Platnumz. We were obviously left guessing as to whether we should believe it or not because it looked too real to be fake. The video upon release hit 1 million views in two weeks and the views are currently pegged at 7.5 million.

6. Linex

Maybe you know him from his famous song featuring Diamond called Salima. In a bid to ensure his next project never flopped, Linex decided to prank his fans …actually his friends did when they congratulated him and the whole bongo community was perfectly pranked. Nobody thought this newbie…that’s at that time was capable of pulling out such a perfect prank. It was not until the release of Kwa Hela video that the fans realized.

7. Brown Mauzo

This was not so convincing but as you all know, every village has its madmen…hehe, in short, some believed Brown Mauzo actually wedded. He posted posters of his wedding on his social media platforms. The video song for Sipendi Ukilia caught people unaware but at least we knew he was not getting married, the good thing for him is he got the viewership he wanted.



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