Five Things To Do On a Low Budget This Holiday Season

It is the holiday season yet again but Kenyan economy is definitely not in favour of all. You are probably wondering how can you get out of town with a low budget? Or perhaps what fun things could you indulge in to create memories in a broke state. Relax, you are covered. Here are five things to indulge in on a low budget!

1.Choma Nyama

Kenyans are known for defining a good roasted plata. However, you can experience this at a low budget by indulging a group of friends. All you need is a polite contribution, a balcony, a second-hand grill (literally Ksh.2000)  an amazing playlist and let’s not forget the right kind of drinks. The holiday mood is set, ensure there is a phone camera somewhere …you do not want to miss the memories!!


How well do you define your heights? Are you an adrenaline junkie? are you adventurous? Definitely, the right time to try the art of the heights. Ziplining is a boujee sport perhaps, but the kind that is afforded by everyone. There are many ziplining points and most are luckily few hours from the city. A good way to indulge on a road trip with your crew and make memories on the road. Places like Machakos park, The Forest, Ngong Hills are very suitable and the ambience completely serene.


3.Picnic and bike riding

The old school ways are the cool ways. How about throwing it back to the picnic days and creating fun, a blankets and wine feel. Tag along delicacies that you hardly cook on a daily, dress up for the occasion get a bike and visit Karura forest or Uhuru Gardens. The crowd will always determine the kind of fun you have, you may want to indulge good vibes in this by creating happy moments.

4.Shopping spree

It’s a sales season. We are all self-proclaimed shopaholics. it is that time of year to get rid of things we do not need and replace them with newer ones. Shopping is a fun activity and lucky for us all, all malls are currently in the mood of giving. Do not be bored at home with your broke self, gather your friends, the few notes you have and indulge. Go clothe fitting, carpet surveying or better yet wine tasting.


How well do you know your lyrics? Forget your voice. Partying is a common practice but this can be tweaked a little bit by indulging a lyrical competition with amazing tunes. There are so many joints that offer Karaoke places such as Uptown Grill, with a low budget of Ksh.600 or less, you could enjoy a night with friends. Do not lament on a low budget just find the perfect lyrics and sing along.

The holiday season is definitely a time to live more and go hard, you do not want to be left behind!


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