Fscores Today: The Start of Bundesliga

The Bundesliga games have started; it is one of the five best competitions in Europe. For this reason, these matches are of great interest to many football fans from around the world. According to the latest data from fscores today, the best teams of the first round are:

  • Borussia D.;
  • Freiburg;
  • Fortuna;
  • Bayer;
  • Wolfsburg.

It is characteristic that most victories were won with a significant gap in points. After all, the difference between the main favourites of the Bundesliga and the rest of its participants is still too significant. Therefore, the situation of the teams that showed average results last season seems especially interesting. Indeed, during the offseason, they carried out active transfers, which significantly affect the clubs’ prospects. A special section of todays fscores will help you follow the further development of the Bundesliga events.

Mainz: what are the prospects of the club?

Last season, the club took the 12th place and earned 43 points. At the same time, the team was in a safe position long before the end of the championship. Mainz had 12 victories. Most of them were obtained on the home field – this result is pretty satisfying for the club’s fans.

At the same time, the team has been showing stable results for the Bundesliga for ten consecutive seasons. In some cases, the club went closer to the relegation zone but still managed to play in the European Cups several times.

This year, the transfer season brought Mainz more financial profit. The club sold Jean-Philippe Gbamen, who is a player with great potential. The transaction provided the team with 25 million euros. This amount was a great opportunity to strengthen the lineup.

So, the roster of the team has also been significantly replenished. The management decided to buy four defenders, two midfielders and three forwards. At the same time, the key players in the roster also kept their positions. This decision can be called very successful since the prospects of Mainz are increasing. In the new season, the club may increase the previous result by two or three positions.

The main hopes of the trainer of Mainz are laid on Muller, Martin, Just, Lutz, Entuzani and Maxim. This composition is optimal for participation in the Bundesliga. Thus, the club is pretty well prepared for the new season and will become a decent rival for other teams from the middle of the tournament table.

You will soon be able to check the forecasts of analysts in the near future, because the Bundesliga has just started to gain moment