Functions Of Anti Counterfeit Authority in Kenya

This article highlights the functions of Anti Counterfeit Authority in Kenya. The agency was established under the Anti Counterfeit Act 2008, as a State Corporation under the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Trade. It was established with the principal aim of prohibiting trade in counterfeit goods.

The Anti Counterfeit Act 2008 was passed by Parliament in 2008, but came into force on 1st July 2009. The Anti Counterfeit Authority started operations in June 2010.

The Senior Management of the Authority consists of the Executive Director and three Deputy Directors each of which is in charge of a department. The Authority has three departments namely; Finance and Administration, Enforcement and Legal Services, Research and Awareness. The Executive Director’s office links the three departments to the Board of Directors.

Functions Of Anti Counterfeit Authority

1. Combat counterfeiting, trade and other dealings in counterfeit goods.

2. Enlighten and inform the public on matters relating to counterfeiting.

3. Devise and promote training programs to combat counterfeiting.

4. Co-ordinate with national, regional or international organisations involved in combating counterfeiting.

5. Inspect, impound, arrest and prosecute offenders of counterfeiting.

6. Carry out research on counterfeit issues.

7. Enforcement of intellectual property rights in Kenya.

8. Carry out any other functions prescribed for it under any of the provisions of this Act or under any other written law.

9. Perform any other duty that may directly or indirectly contribute to the attainment of the foregoing.

Anti Counterfeit Authority Contacts

Location: National Water Plaza, 3rd Floor, Dunga Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

Address: P.O. Box, 47771 00100, Nairobi, Kenya

Contacts: 020 228 0000, 0717 430 640


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