Functions Of Anti-Doping Agency Of Kenya

This is a list of functions of the Anti- Doping Agency of Kenya. The agency was established by the Government of Kenya as a state corporation, as outlined in the Anti Doping Act No. 5 of 2016. It was mainly established to protect the fundamental rights of Kenyan athletes to participate in a doping-free sport.

Here is a list of the main functions of the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya.

1. Undertake anti-doping activities in Kenya in consultation and partnership with the Regional Anti Doping Organisation, the World Anti Doping Agency, and other anti-doping organizations.

2. Advise the government on all relevant matters that relate to anti-doping.

3. Investigate and gather intelligence on anti-doping related offenses.

4. Ensure the enforcement of regulations made by the agency and the World Anti Doping Agency

5. Undertake doping control in the country

6. Oversee the prosecution of anti-doping offenses before the sports tribunal or any other judicial body exercising jurisdiction in such matters.

7. Undertake research related to the mandate of the agency

8. Creation of awareness and the implementation of relevant programs aimed at fighting doping

9. Liaise with other relevant government agencies to in eradicating the use of performance-enhancing substances amongst sports personalities.

10. To promote the integrity of a drug-free sports

11. To perform any other functions as may be lawfully assigned to the agency by the respective Cabinet Secretary.

Anti-Doping Agency Of Kenya Contacts

Office Location: Chiromo Lane, Parklands Plaza Westlands, Nairobi-Kenya

Phone: +254722 269 584/ 07 33 837 385


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