Functions Of Competition Authority Of Kenya

These are functions of Competition Authority Of Kenya (CAK). It is one of the State Corporations under the National Treasury, established under the Competition Act, No. 12 of 2010 (the ACT). The Authority’s mandate is to enforce the ACT with the objective of enhancing the welfare of the people of Kenya, by promoting and protecting effective competition in markets.

Functions Of Competition Authority Of Kenya

1. To investigate restrictive trade practices, specifically on horizontal, vertical and abuse of dominance cases, evaluation of exemption applications and ensuring compliance with orders issued under the Act.

2. To give advisory opinions in regards to abuse of buyer power which can arise through conduct by a buyer who is motivated solely by the hope of gaining a competitive advantage that is likely to lessen suppliers ability to invest in new capacity.

3. Investigate all mergers that may have been implemented without the approval of the Authority.

4. Investigation of complaints relating to false or misleading representations, unconscionable conduct , supply of unsafe, defective and unsuitable goods.

5. To study and investigate policies, procedures and programs of regulatory authorities so as to access their effects on competition and consumer welfare, and publicize the results of such studies.

6. Make representations to government commissions, regulatory authorities and other bodies on matters relating to competition and consumer welfare.

7. To advise the government on matters relating to competition and consumer welfare.

8. Investigate impediments to competition, including entry into and exit from markets, in the economy as a whole or in particular sectors and publicize the results of such investigations

Competition Authority Of Kenya Contacts

Location: Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefit Scheme Block D, 1st Floor, Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi.

Address: P.O. Box 36265-00200

Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: 020 262 8233, 020 277 9000


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