Functions Of Kenya Accreditation Service

This article focuses on the functions of the Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS). The Kenya Accreditation Service is a state corporation re-established by the Kenya Accreditation Service Act 2019 as the sole national accreditation body for Kenya.

KENAS is responsible to the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Enterprise Development with a broad objective to strengthen the conformance to standards, technical infrastructure and to build confidence in Kenyan products and services locally and globally.

Functions Of Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS)

1. Assess and accredit conformity assessment bodies.

2. Promote accreditation in Kenya.

3. Promote mutual recognition of the competence of accredited bodies and equivalence of accreditation schemes.

4. Establish and nurture relations and cooperation with regional and international accreditation bodies, persons, associations and organisations that the service may consider necessary for the furtherance of the objective of this Act.

5. Participate in the formulation and monitoring of national, regional and international accreditation guidelines and standards.

6. Create public awareness on accreditation, collect and disseminate information on accreditation and conformity assessment matters through advocacy programmes, publication of reports, pamphlets, books, journals or any other publication.

7. Provide training and other related services and promote research on accreditation & conformity assessment matters.

8. Initiate, negotiate, conclude and maintain international mutual recognition agreements relating to its accreditation schemes.

9. Support the government in matters relating to mutual recognition agreements on accreditation.

10. Co-ordinate and liaise with regulators in respect of any matter relating to accreditation.

11. Obtain and maintain membership to national, regional or international organisations which the service considers necessary for purposes of achieving its objectives.

12. Promote recognition and protect the use of the logo and symbols of the service.

13. Promote and protect regional and international mutual recognition arrangements and symbols.

14. Establish, review and maintain accreditation schemes for conformity assessment bodies that are consistent with international practices, facilitate trade and address needs of the industry, consumers, regulators and other relevant entities.

15. Formulate and implement national guidelines and standards to facilitate the accreditation.

16. Advise the government on the designation of conformity assessment bodies.

17. Ensure that accredited bodies implement appropriate activities related to their conformity assessment activities.

18. Establish and maintain in the prescribed manner, a register of the status of accredited bodies.

19. Design and issue accreditation certificate and symbols to accredited bodies.

20. Publish quarterly in the gazette and on its own website a list of all accredited bodies in a prescribed manner.

21. Promote the use of accreditation symbols on certificates or reports issued by conformity assessment bodies.

Kenya Accreditation Service Contacts

Location: No 06 Masaba Road, Upperhill, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0725 207 640/ 0787 395 679.

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