Functions Of Kenya National Chamber Of Commerce and Industry

On this post, we have listed all the functions of Kenya National Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI). This is a non-profit private sector institution and membership-based organization which facilitates the growth of the Kenyan economy through entrepreneurial development. The chamber which formed in 1965 has offices in all the 47 Counties with more than 10,000 members.

The Kenya National Chamber Of Commerce and Industry promotes entrepreneurial development by ensuring that there is a conducive environment for the Kenyan business community. Below are other functions of KNCCI.

1. It lobbies for regional integration initiatives that promote trade and investment in the region i.e EAC, COMESA, SADC, and AGOA. This promotes the export of Kenyan products across the region.

2. It collaborates with the county governments to advocate for an improved business environment at the county level. This is made possible by having offices across all the 47 counties in the country.

3. It offers government representation for its members by participating in key Government initiatives on trade and investment at the national and county levels. This participation and representation provide a platform for the chamber to lobby and advocate for the creation of a favourable trade and investment environment for business growth and development.

4. It offers financial and technical support to businesses. This is usually done through the projects in conjunction with  Chamber strategic partners within the private sector in Kenya.

5. It participates in the preparation of business legislation and policies at the National and County levels by submitting policy briefs and proposals. This promotes an improved business environment and investment in Kenya.

6. It provides a platform for business networking through its various meetings. These meetings provide members to meet and exchange information, experiences and business opportunities.

7. It provides expert enterprise development support and consulting services to both public and private entities. This includes support on strategy development, business regulations and business plans preparation, entrepreneurship and industrial incentives.

8. It provides trade dispute settlement and arbitration services. This ensures that members of the business community are able to undertake their trade and investment activities in Kenya and in other countries without any disruptions.

9. It leads business delegations to trade missions within Kenya and across the world i.e fairs, conferences and exhibitions services.

10. It assists Kenyans to register, incubate, mentor and expand their businesses. This ensures that these businesses are formalized so that they can grow and develop into enterprises capable of operating at the national and global level.

11. Issuance of the certificate of origin to all exporters of goods originating from Kenya.

12. It organizes business awards which recognize people who are making a difference it the Kenyan business community.

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