Functions Of Kenya Tourism Board

This is a list of functions of the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB). Kenya Tourism Board was established in 1997 through the legal notice no. 14 under the State Corporations Act (Cap 446) of the laws of Kenya.

Kenya Tourism Board is one of the parastatals under the Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife. The board’s mission is to inspire the world to visit Kenya through effective marketing of Kenya’s tourism products while enriching the lives of Kenyans and visitors alike.

KTB’s mandate is to develop, implement, and co-ordinate a national tourism marketing strategy aimed at marketing Kenya at local, national, regional, and international levels as a premier tourist destination.

Here is a list of core functions of the Kenya Tourism Board.

1. To generate and manage tourism industry research, information, market data, and necessary statistical information required for planning at both public and private sector levels.

2. To develop and implement destination marketing strategies locally and internationally.

3. To provide leadership and offer strategic direction to both the government and the private tourism sector in matters regarding destination marketing.

4. To establish public relations services to address issues concerning the image of the tourism industry in Kenya.

5. Work in partnership with national, regional, and international organizations as well as local authorities in the country to improve the tourism environment.

6. To initiate education and awareness programs on tourism locally as well as abroad.

7. To monitor the quality and standards of facilities available to both local and international tourists and advice the private sector and government agencies on how to improve the facilities for various target markets.

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