Functions Of NACADA In Kenya

This article focuses on the functions of NACADA in Kenya. The National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) is a semi-autonomous state corporation under the Ministry of Interior & Coordination of National Government.

The Authority works with schools, workplaces, colleges, universities, technical institutions, county governments, ministries, parastatals, national government, faith-based institutions, CBOs, NGOs, self-help groups as well as individuals interested in a society free from alcohol and drug abuse.

Functions of NACADA

1. Coordinate and facilitate public participation in the control of alcohol and drug abuse.

2. Carry out public education on alcohol & drug abuse directly and in collaboration with other public or private bodies and institutions.

3. Coordinate and facilitate inter-agency collaboration and liaison among lead agencies responsible for alcohol and drug demand reduction.

4. In collaboration with other lead agencies, facilitate and promote the monitoring and surveillance of national & international emerging trends and patterns in the production, manufacture, sale, consumption and promotion of alcohol and drug abuse.

5. In collaboration with other lead agencies, provide and facilitate the development and operation of rehabilitation facilities, programs and standards for persons with substance use disorders.

6. Subject to any other written law, license and regulate the operation of rehabilitation facilities for persons with substance use disorders.

7. Coordinate and facilitate in collaboration with other lead agencies & non-state actors the formulation of national policies, laws and plans of action on control of alcohol & drug abuse & facilitating their implementation, enforcement, continuous review, monitoring and evaluation.

8. In collaboration with other public and private agencies, facilitate, promote and coordinate research and dissemination of findings on data on alcohol and drug abuse and serve as the repository of such data.

9. In collaboration with other lead agencies, prepare, publish and submit an alcohol and drug abuse control status report bi-annually to both houses of parliament through the cabinet secretaries.

10. To assist and support county governments in developing & implementing policies, laws, plans of action on control of drug abuse.

11. Carry out such other roles necessary for the implementation of the objects and purpose of this act and perform such other functions as may from time to time, be assigned by the cabinet secretary.

NACADA Contacts

Location: NSSF Building, 18th Floor, Eastern Wing, Block A, Nairobi.

Contact: 020 272 1997.


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