Functions Of National Cohesion And Integration Commission (NCIC)

This article focuses on the National Cohesion & Integration Commission (NCIC) functions. The commission is a statutory body established under the National Cohesion & Integration Act No 12 of 2008.

The establishment of NCIC recognised the need for a national institute to promote national identity and values, mitigate ethnopolitical competition and ethnically motivated violence, eliminate discrimination on ethnic, racial and religious basis & promote national reconciliation and healing.

Functions Of the National Cohesion And Integration Commission (NCIC)

1. To facilitate & promote equal opportunities, good relations, harmony and peaceful co-existence of persons of different ethnic & racial communities and advice the government on all matters thereof.

2. Eliminate all forms of ethnic or racial discrimination and discourage persons, institutions, political parties and associations from advocating or promoting discrimination.

3. Enhance tolerance, understanding and acceptance of diversity in all aspects of life.

4. Promote respect for religious, cultural and linguistic diversity in a plural society.

5. Plan, supervise, coordinate and promote educational & training programs to create public awareness, support and advancement of peace & harmony among ethnic communities and racial groups.

6. Promote arbitration, conciliation, mediation, and similar conflict resolution mechanisms.

7. Investigate complaints of discrimination and make recommendations to the Attorney General, Human Rights Commission or other authorities on remedial measures to be taken where such complaints are valid.

8. Investigate on its own accord or on request from any institution, office or person any issue affecting ethnic and racial relations.

9. Initiate, lobby for & advocate for policies, legal or administrative reforms on issues affecting ethnic resolutions.

10. Undertake research, studies and make recommendations to the government on any issue relating to ethnic affairs including whether ethnic relations are improving.

11. Monitor and report to the National Assembly the status and success of the implementation of its recommendations.

12. Determine strategies and priorities in all government socio-economic, political and development policies impacting ethnic relations and advise on their implementation.

National Cohesion And Integration Commission Contacts

Location: Britam Towers, 17th Floor, Hospital Road, Upperhill, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0702 777 000/ 020 258 5702.

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