Functions Of Nuclear Power And Energy Agency In Kenya

These are functions of Nuclear Power And Energy Agency (NuPEA) in Kenya. NuPEA is a State Corporation established under the Energy Act 2019. It was formerly known as Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB), before the enactment of Energy Act 2019 which took effect from 28th March 2019.

Functions of Nuclear Power And Energy Agency

  • Develop a human resource capacity to ensure Kenya has the requisite workforce to successfully establish and maintain a nuclear power programme.
  • Propose policies and legislation necessary for the successful implementation of a nuclear power programme.
  • Identify, prepare and facilitate the implementation of an approved roadmap for a nuclear power programme.
  • Undertake extensive public education and awareness on Kenya’s nuclear power programme.
  • Collaborate with relevant government agencies to develop a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework for nuclear electricity generation in Kenya.
  • Identification of appropriate sites in Kenya for the construction of nuclear power plants and their related amenities.
  • Enter into collaborative programmes with other countries, international and national organizations in relation to nuclear electricity research and development.
  • Identification of a suitable operator for nuclear power plants.
  • Establish a well-stocked library and information centre on nuclear science and technology.
  • Promote local, regional and international participation in research activities, particularly in technology-oriented research.
  • Put in place mechanisms to attract private sector funding in research and human resource development road mapping to assess the status of research in key energy technologies.
  • Undertake national research and human resource development road mapping to assess the status of research in key energy technologies.
  • Promote local production of energy technologies.
  • Collaborate with institutions that collect, analyse and prepare policy papers in order to access energy sector specific information.
  • Enhance research linkages between industry and academia in matters relating to energy.
  • Continuously train and upgrade human resource capacity in the energy sector to keep up with the changing technological issues in collaboration with training institutions.
  • Advice on training curriculum and training needs targeting key areas in the energy sector.
  • Direct, monitor, conduct and implement energy research and technology development in all fields of energy.
  • Promote energy research and technology innovation.
  • Provide for training and development in the field of energy and petroleum, research and technology development, commercialization of energy technologies resulting from energy research and development programmes.
  • Register patents and intellectual property in its name resulting from its activities.
  • Authorize other persons for the use of its patents and intellectual property on such terms as the agency may deem fit.
  • Publish its research findings and other research materials.
  • Establish facilities for the collection and dissemination of information in connection with research, development and innovation in the energy sector.
  • Collaborate with relevant training centres to ensure synergy in matters relating to energy.
  • To undertake any other energy technology development related activity as directed by the Cabinet Secretary.

Nuclear Power & Energy Agency Contacts

Location: Block C Kawi House, Off Red Cross Road, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 20 5138300

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