Functions Of Rent Tribunal In Kenya

This article highlights the functions of Rent Tribunal in Kenya. Rent Tribunal is a body established by the government to solve disputes that may arise between tenants and landlords, and also to prevent landlords from exploiting tenants.

In this article, we will focus on two main tribunals which were established to solve disputes between tenants and landlords. The tribunals include; Rent Restriction Tribunal and Business Premises Rent Tribunal.

1. Rent Restriction Tribunal

The tribunal is established under Section 4 of the Rent Restriction Act, Cap 296, Laws of Kenya.

Functions Of The Rent Restriction Tribunal

  • The mandate of the tribunal is to determine disputes between landlords and tenants of protected tenancies, which are residential buildings whose rent does not exceed Kshs 2,500.

Rent Restriction Tribunal Contacts

Location: Crescent House, 3rd Floor, Muindi Mbingu/ Moktar Daddah Street

Address: P.O Box, 68160-00200, Nairobi

2. Business Premises Rent Tribunal

The tribunal was established in 1965 through an Act of Parliament known as The Landlord and Tenant (Shops, Hotels and Catering Establishments Act) Cap.301, Laws of Kenya.

The tribunal is under the oversight of the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development. Its mission is to create an environment of harmony between landlords and tenants in controlled tenancies for business to thrive.

The tribunal’s mandate is to administer ‘The Landlord and Tenant (Shops, Hotels and Catering Establishments Act), Cap. 301, Laws of Kenya’, whose role is to make provision with respect to certain premises for the protection of tenants of such premises from eviction or from exploitation.

Core Functions of Business Premises Rent Tribunal

  • Re-possession of premises by landlords
  • Assessment of rent
  • Distress for rent by landlords
  • Hearing and determination of general complaints in controlled tenancies.

Business Premises Rent Tribunal Contacts

Head Office Location: Viewpark Towers, 7th & 8th Floor, Nairobi

Contact: +254 221 9812

Mombasa Office Location: Uhuru na Kazi Building, 2 nd Floor, Along Mama Ngina Drive.

Embu Office Location: Emco House, 1st Floor, Room 111.

Nakuru Office Location: PC’s Office, Block C, 2nd Floor.

Eldoret Office Location: KVDA Plaza, 12th Floor.

Kakamega Office Location: PC’s Office,Block B, 1st Floor, Room No 48.

Kisumu Office Location: Ministry of Labour Building, Along Noo Oroo Road

Kisii Office Location: Kanu House, Next to DC’s office.

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