Functions Of Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Corporation

This article highlights functions of the Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Corporation (REREC). REREC is one of the state corporations under the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum. The corporation was formerly known as Rural Electrification Authority.

Rural Electrification Authority was changed to Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Corporation following the enactment of the Energy Act 2019. REREC has an expanded mandate of spearheading Kenya’s green energy drive, in addition to implementing rural electrification projects.

Functions Of Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Corporation.

  • Develop and update the renewable energy master plan taking into account county specific needs and the principle of equity in the development of renewable energy resources.
  • Oversee the implementation of the Rural Electrification Programme.
  • Manage the Rural Electrification Programme Fund established under section 143 of the constitution.
  • Source additional funds for the Rural Electrification Programme and renewable energy.
  • Develop and update the rural electrification master plans in consultation with county governments.
  • Support the establishment of energy centres in the counties.
  • Establish framework for collaboration with county governments in the discharge of its mandate.
  • Undertake on-farm and on-station demonstration of wood fuel species, seedling production and management.
  • To undertake feasibility studies and maintain data with a view to availing the same to developers of renewable energy resources.
  • Develop, promote and manage in collaboration with other agencies, the use of renewable energy and technologies, including but not limited to biomass municipal waste, solar, wind, tidal waves, small hydropower and co-generation but excluding geothermal.
  • Formulate a national strategy for coordinating research in renewable energy.
  • Provide an enabling framework for the efficient and sustainable production, conversion, distribution, marketing and utilization of biomass, solar, wind, small hydros and municipal waste.
  • Promote in collaboration with other agencies, the development of appropriate local capacity for the manufacture, installation, maintenance and operation of renewable technologies such as bio-digesters, solar systems, turbines and other renewable energy technologies.
  • Harness opportunities offered under clean development mechanism and other mechanisms including but not limited to carbon credit trading to promote the development and exploitation of renewable energy sources.
  • Provide technical and other capacity-building support to county governments in the discharge of the function of electricity reticulation and energy reticulation.
  • Promote the development of electricity generation through co-generation by sugar millers.
  • Undertake any other duty or perform such other functions as may be necesary for the execution of its mandate under this Act.

Rural Electrification & Renewable Energy Corporation Contacts

Head Office

Location: Kawi House, South C, Nairobi

Contacts: 0709 193 000, 0719 608 205

Central Rift Regional Office

Location: Giddo Plaza, George Morara Road, Nakuru

Contact: 0719 607 977

Coast Regional Office

Location: Mariakani, Mombasa

Contacts: 0709 193 955, 0719 608 086

Mombasa Road/Eastern & Northern Kenya Office

Contact: 0719 607 435

Mt Kenya Regional Office

Location: 1st Floor, Advocate Plaza, Off Kamakwa Road, Nyeri

Contact: 0719 608 139

Western Kenya & Southern Kenya Regional Office

Location: Kondele-Kibos Road

Contact: 0709 193 780

North Rift Regional Office

Location: Kiptagich House, 9th Floor, Off Uganda Road, Eldoret

Contact: 0719 608 207


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