Functions Of The Kenya National Qualifications Authority

In this article, we will look at the functions of The Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA). KNQA is a state corporation established by the Kenya National Qualifications Framework (KNQF) Act No. 22 of 2014. It is the custodian and reference point for local and foreign qualifications in Kenya.

The Kenya National Qualifications Authority was created to address globalisation and technological change, poor linkages between qualifications and the labour market, and socio-economic and technical challenges in the Kenyan education system.

Functions Of The Kenya National Qualifications Authority

1. It facilitates vertical and horizontal integration and harmonization of qualifications through a System of Credit Accumulation.  This enhances the mobility of learners and labour within institutions, across occupations and sectors.

2. It recognizes and assigns credits to prior learning to enable the recognition and registration of qualifications acquired through non-formal education and training ( RPL).

3. It vets, recognizes and registers qualifications acquired through different learning modes irrespective of the duration of training as long as they meet the defined minimum standards of the expected competencies.

5. It vets, recognizes and registers qualifications acquired outside The National Framework.

6. It develops systems for evaluating, determining Equivalences and Recognizing Skills Acquired and Qualifications Earned.

7.. It facilitates the Recognition of Kenyan Qualifications and determines their comparability Globally.

8. . It registers learners, national qualifications, and Qualifications Awarding Institutions (QAIs).

9. The authority coordinates and supervises the development of policies on national qualifications.

10. It develops a framework for the development of an accreditation system on qualifications.

11. It develops and reviews inter-relationships and linkages across National Qualifications in consultation with Stakeholders, Relevant Institutions and Agencies.

12. It maintains a national database of national qualifications.

13. It publishes manuals, codes and guidelines on national qualifications.

14. It advises and supports any person, body or institution which is responsible for the award of national qualifications.

15. It publishes an annual report on the status of national qualifications.

16. It sets standards and benchmarks for qualifications and competencies including skills, knowledge, attitudes and values.

17. It researches the equalization of qualifications.

18. It builds confidence in the national qualifications system that contributes to the national economy.

19. It provides pathways that support the development and maintenance of flexible access to qualifications.

The Kenya National Qualifications Authority Contacts

Phone: 0704982345, 020 2100272


Head Office: NACOSTI Building, 4th Floor, Off Waiyaki Way, Upper Kabete

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