Functions Of Water Services Regulatory Board In Kenya

This article focuses on the functions of the Water Services Regulatory Board (WASREB) in Kenya. WASREB is a regulatory state corporation established by the Water Act 2002 which was repealed by the Water Act 2016.

Section 70 (1) of the Water Act 2016 established WASREB with the main objective to protect the interests and rights of consumers in the provision of water services while ensuring other stakeholders’ interests are also safeguarded.

Functions of Water Services Regulatory Board

1. Determine and prescribe national standards for the provision of water services and asset development for water services providers.

2. Evaluate and recommend water and sewerage tariffs to the county water services providers and approve the imposition of such tariffs in line with consumer protection standards.

3. Set licence conditions and accredit water services providers.

4. Monitor and regulate licensees and enforce license conditions.

5. Develop a model memorandum and articles of association to be used by all water companies applying to be licensed by the regulatory board to operate as water services providers.

6. Monitor compliance with standards including the design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities for the provision of water services by the water works development bodies and the water services providers.

7. Advise the cabinet secretary on the nature, extent and conditions of financial support to be accorded to water services providers for providing water services.

8. Monitor progress in the implementation of the water strategy and make an appropriate recommendation.

9. Maintain a national database and information system on water services.

10. Establish a mechanism for handling complaints from consumers regarding the quality or nature of water services.

11. Develop guidelines on the establishment of consumer groups and facilitate their establishment.

12. Inspect water works and water services to ensure that such work and services meet the prescribed standards.

13. Report annually to the public on issues of water supply & sewerage services and the performance of relevant sectors and publish the reports in the gazette.

14. Make regulations on water services and asset development which shall include business, investment and financing plans in order to ensure efficient and effective water services and progressive realisation of the right to water services.

15. Advise the cabinet secretary on any matter in connection with water services.

16. Make recommendations on how to provide basic water services to marginalised areas.

Water Services Regulatory Board Contacts

Location: 5th Floor NHIF Building, Ngong Road, Nairobi.

Contacts: 020 273 3561, 0709 482 000.


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