Top 10 Funeral Services Providers In Kenya

We have all either lost a loved one at one time or somebody we know has ever lost a loved one. What happens is that the kin tries their level best to give their loved one the best sendoff they can afford. They want the solemn final journey for the latter to be smooth and respectable.

So it all starts with the morgue. The morgue matters because others may leave the body of our loved one to start rotting and smelling due to poor preservation or management, that’s gross but it’s a blatant fact. Then from thereafter burial preparations are done we need burial repatriation services like transporting the body to the home of the deceased, and all the services needed until the body is lowered to its resting place.

All these activities can be done by heterogeneous funeral companies but we decided to document for you some of the companies which offer the best funeral services in the country today.

1.Lee Funeral Services Limited

2.Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Homes Limited

3.Umash Funeral Services

4.Zion Funeral Services

5.Perozie funeral services

6.Resting Place funeral home and services

7.George Woods Funeral Services

8.Lona Funeral Services

9.Tonny Funeral Services

10.Omega Funeral Home and Services

11. Janam Funeral Services

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John Nyabuto

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