6 Kenyan Church Names that will make you Reconsider Salvation

Christianity is really diversifying. Unlike in the past when there were just a handful of dominant churches like Catholic and Anglican, as at now, lots of churches and denominations are mushrooming. In conquering the souls of the many lost sheep, most of these churches are updating their structures, incorporating keyboards, amplifiers and microphones to lure the youths into joining the praise and worship teams, preaching on modern issues like wealth, sex, drugs in a bid to reform the society and performing miracles. All this is a good show of commitment towards a common goal of making the world a better place, in accordance with God’s will. But like its often said, every market has a mad man. Some churches have gone a notch higher to use crazy, rather strange names for their churches. You must have been thinking that ‘Finger of God’ is one crazy name for a church, below is some very strange names of churches.

1. Marathon going to heaven without a ticket ministry.

This church is located somewhere Nakuru, flooded with members especially the youths. The name catches the eye of an on and off sinner, who keeps backsliding every now and then, luring them into believing that salvation is a walk in the park.

2. The God of Dollars.

Its theme is ‘Where the money comes like a dream.’ Most Christians associate their way of life with sufferings, believing that God provides through others. The dollar term seduces the money lovers into joining the congregation while scaring the true Christians with an ‘illuminati’ impression.

3. The cowboy church.

The word cowboy is relative. Many people would want to associate it with different things. This church’s theme ‘Rounding up souls for Jesus’ is charming. But the name itself is so out of touch with Christianity if you dare think what I’m thinking.

4. Laboratory church of God.

Whoa! That sounds creepy. One would imagine a piece of his flesh chopped off, burnt to ash as an offering to God. Or people slitting their veins open to atone for their sins, and when God feels he has had enough of the victims’ blood gushing out, he forgives them by miraculously healing them.

5. Run for your life International Chapel.

According to English the phrase run for your life implies flee from danger and if you do not, you might not make it through. This chapel sound like one you cannot walk away at will. One usher trains a gun on your groin, as the pastors force salvation down your throat, while the other empties all the cash in your pockets. When you all leave, no one says anything to anyone.

6. Take over the world outreach ministries.

More of an illusion than reality. One would think of it as a life and death struggle where the innocent and guilty go down the same path. Sort of a political fight that ends in bloodshed and chaos, where the end justifies the means.


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