How To Get Instagram Followers In Kenya

Maybe Instagram is one app that gets many scratching their heads on how to get followers, leave alone getting likes for a post. Other apps like Twitter are very easy to get followers.
A lady may pose in her best attire and end up getting a partly 30 likes…blame that on the number of followers or inconsistency.
Low likes discourage Instagrammers and the thought of how am I gonna grow my followers sets in. Getting followers on Instagram is as easy as ABC, it just needs a little bit more patience for things to work out.

Below are ways to get Instagram followers in Kenya.

1. Like, Like and Like
When on Instagram, don’t forget to like the random pictures of the people on your TL. Liking won’t cost you a thing, just like as many pictures as you can and then once the “beneficiaries” login, they will return kindness with following back or liking all your posts back to back.

2.Promote your Instagram account on your other social media accounts.
Use your Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube vlog or whatever social media account you have and tell your other audience to go check out your Instagram account and follow it.

3. Use renown hashtags for gaining followers
Once you want to upload a picture and have written your caption below the caption, just before you post the image, remember to add all the hashtags that are used for gaining followers like  #GainWithXtianDela  #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like), #tagforlikes and #followback just to name a few.

4. Follow First
Well, if you are hunting for followers, then you ain’t no celebrity so following won’t hurt. Follow as many people as you can, then give them like a week to return the favor. If they don’t, unfollow them but almost 80% of the people you followed will follow back.

5. Quality Over Quantity
Boys, even if a slayqueen posts 50 grainy images of herself on the gram, it won’t be worth giving a second look, right…it takes just one quality image of a beautiful lady to draw our eyes to her profile and follow to get more of those in future.
So if you wanna post on Instagram, post some quality images from phones with strong cameras or professional photos and watch the followers rise.

6. Be consistent
Don’t be that person who posts today, then goes missing until next month, then maybe on December while on a holiday somewhere. Learn to be consistent and post often so that your followers who keep checking on you can get something to look at and for new followers to know that this profile is active.

7. Ask For Shoutouts
Asking for a shoutout doesn’t demean you, maybe if your ego is above the clouds…haha. Look for social media bigwigs and people who generally have a huge following and tell them to shout out you.
Once they do that, you will see followers pilling up within no time.

8. Tag Everybody in That Picture
Take an example you went to Arboretum with friends, took a couple of pictures and then decide to post one of them, remember to tag all your friends in that pictures because this image will show in their image feed and chances of your friend’s friends liking it and following you are very high.

9. Follow all your Facebook friends on Instagram
There is an option that Instagram gives to follow your Facebook friends, that’s if you have those two accounts connected. Your Facebook friends have a very high chance of following back because they have interacted with you on the other side and wanna see this other side of Instagram hence will follow back.

10. Follow  All The Suggested Followers
Follow all suggested users because there is a high chance of them following you back.

11. Post On Sundays, Friday evening
Statistics show that fewer people post on Sundays and Friday evenings hence this is the perfect time to post your picture because the audience is huge and your image is likely to show up on many people’s news feed.

12. If all the above don’t work you can opt for buying followers. 

John Nyabuto

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