Hardest Courses to Study in Kenyan Universities

Kenyan Universities have been in recent past under scrutiny for offering courses which are not accredited or courses which are somehow worthless to students once they graduate.

But Kenyan Universities too offer courses which are accredited and require both hard work and endurance to get a certificate at the end of it. Many take more than four years..others even going for as long as 6 years. They engage the student vigorously in that at the end of the whole session, they are fully baked.

Here is a list of the Hardest courses offered in Kenyan Universities.

Note: The order does not arrange them from the hardest, it’s random.


1.Medicine And Surgery










3.Aeronautical Engineering








4.Mathematics and Computer Science





5.Financial Engineering







6.Dental Surgery







7.Mechatronic Engineering








8.Law (LLb)








9.Actuarial science






10.Architecture, Building, and Construction







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