Here Are Deputy President William Ruto’s 12 Best Family Photos Ever

On more than one occasion, deputy president William Ruto has made it clear to the public that his family means everything to him— and has played a significant role in helping him succeed. So it’s only natural that, over the past years, some sweet family moments of his family have been shared online. Most of these photos have helped us see a different side of him away from politics — as a father and husband.  And that only makes us love and appreciate the deputy president more. Let’s take a quick look at 12 of DP William ’s best family photos.

1.  DP Ruto with his family after winning the 2013 general elections

2. Deputy President William Ruto’s children during a thanksgiving rally at Afraha Stadium, Nakuru.

3. Deputy President and family during a short Easter break in Tanzania with then-President Jakaya Kikwete.

4. Deputy President William and Family enjoying a photo session during Pope Francis’s visit to Kenya.

5. Happy Parents make a great family!

6. DP Ruto and his family in Zambia for a vacation.

7.  Dp Ruto and wife in Mombasa for a vacation

8. Reach…reach out and hug your spouse. Last time we checked hugs were still free!

9.  Dp Ruto Introducing the family..

10. Just before the 2018 inauguration ceremony, Deputy President William Ruto making sure his younger version is looking dapper!

11.  Humble beginnings…

12.  Happy endings!….This Love…


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