List Of Highest Compensations The State Has Ever Paid Kenyans

Kenyans have sued the state for many reasons including torture, unlawful detention, defamation, damages to their property, detention without trial and even colonial injustices.

Some of these lawsuits went through and the compensations were handsome while others were trashed. Those who won the lawsuits against the state pocketed millions in compensations and we have listed the highest compensations the government has ever paid Kenyans.

1. Kenneth Matiba (Ksh504 Million)
The late Matiba was awarded a Ksh 504 million by High court judge Lenaola over his unlawful detention during the fight for multi-party democracy in the early 1990s.
Matiba had earlier sought $47 million for the loss his business incurred while in detention but was awarded 20% of it.

2. MauMau Veterans (Ksh2.52 Billion)
The Kenyan government and Britain government in 2013, came into a collective agreement that Britain should pay out £19.9m in costs and compensation to more than 5,000 elderly Kenyans who had suffered the severe torture and abuse during the Mau Mau liberation fights back in the 1950s. Many Kenyans who were revolting were killed.
The agreement though came after the British government was sued.

3. Political Prisoner’s Mothers (Ksh18 Million)
These 6 women who went on a hunger strike in Uhuru Park back in 1992-1993 demanding the release of their sons. They were compensated Ksh 3 million each.

4. Koigi Wamwere (Ksh 12 Million)
Koigi was compensated ksh12 million back in 2015 for the torture he received while in detention during Moi’s regime.
Koigi had earlier went to court demanding a staggering Ksh 200million in compensations.

5. Mwandawiro Mghanga (Ksh10 Million)
Mwandawiro, a former Wundanyi legislator was awarded Ksh10 Million to act as compensation for damages,  torture and detention without trial by the then government of Moi.

John Nyabuto

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