List of Top 10 Highest Paid Musicians in Kenya

This list was released by MCSK , which is  body that monitors millions of Kenyan songs over 3,000 radios and televisions in more than 60,000 countries.  From the list , Sauti Sol top the list as Bahati and Willy Paul come second and third respectively.

Here is a list of highest paid musicians in Kenya 

1.Sauti Sol


3.Lady Wanja

4.Willy Paul

5.Mum Cherop

6.H-Art The Band

7.Gloria Muliro

8.Rabbit ” King Kaka “

9.John De Mathew

10.Hellena Ken

Top 10 Local & Foreign artists 

1. Diamond  (Tanzania)

2. Sauti Sol (Kenya)

3. Christina Shusho (Tanzania)

4. Ali Kiba (Tanzania)

5. Bahati  (Kenya)

6. Lady Wanja (Kenya)

7. Jose Chameleone (Uganda)

8. Rose Muhando (Kenya)

9. Willy Paul (Kenya)

10. Koffi Olomide (Congo)

Victor Matara

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