8 Hilarious Kenyan Social Media moments that will definitely go down to history

You must have come across someone seated in a matatu scrolling through his phone and bursting into guffaws of laughter. He must have come across some hilarious meme on Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter and just couldn’t hide his excitement.Kenyans are very creative indeed.Out of nothing, comes something rife, that’s got everyone talking and checking their social media accounts. That moment when we come together to celebrate nothing and be happy about nothing, is the so called Kenyan Moments.

Here are 7 unforgettable Kenyan moments that killed it!

1. Wavinya Ndeti’s ‘yaliyo ndwele sipite’.

She murdered the internet with her mispronounced methali.Kenyans were quick to make hilarious memes about it.One Mc Njaggy produced a track dubbed yaliyo ndwele sipite on which he even sends greetings to her.Others came up with #yaliyondwelesipitechallenge of mispronouncing Swahili Proverbs.

2. Githeriman.

Martin Kamotho became the talk of the town, after a photo of him eating githeri​ from a polythene bag, while quieing to vote went viral. In no time, he became famous and rich after being branded a peace ambassador who brought humor and excitement among Kenyans at a time of elections tension.

3. 100 shillings wedding couple.

Well, they didn’t see their lives taking a U turn in a brink of an eye.Kenyans celebrated them for being real and confident enough to believe in their love despite their financial constraints.As at now, they are living their dreams.

4. Bungoma’s James Bond Wanjala.

He killed it when he hang on a fying chopper.He was among the crowd that had come to view the slain businessman Jacob Juma, but his excitement made him hang on to the helicopter for a ride.He was christed James Bond Wanjala by Kenyans on Social Media.

5. Mollis I Sullender.

The country woke up to a audio that had gone viral of one Morris showcasing a his bedroom skills to a mysterious woman who could not take it. Memes of Mollis nimeshoka flooded the social media.Some praised him for being a pro, others troded him for being a bedroom bully.

6. Bro Ocholla.

One Bro Ocholla mistakenly sent a sexually explicit message to a fellow prayer mate in a WhatsApp prayer group soliciting her for some romp.Social media didn’t spare him as screenshot of his message were thrown around, in the midst of other serious churchy conversation.

7. Ni Kama Ndrama Ni Kama vindeo.

As Innocent as he was, this young man was narrating how he witnessed things being gunned down by police in Kasarani area.Being Kenyans, someone picked that phrase up and up to date it’s used to describe vividity of a situation.

8. TukoNdani Ndaani Ndaaaani Kabisa.

Let’s be honest, who will forget this popular campaign phrase by politician Nick Salat?


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