How Much Do Professional Sports Bettors Make?

Are you a regular punter? If yes, how much do you earn on average? The number of people indulging in sports gambling globally has soared in the recent past. The drastic increase in the number of online bookies has attracted more sports enthusiasts to betting. Betway is a popular sportsbook that occasionally offers attractive welcome bonuses to new pundits. But, amateurs who don’t research players and teams or create a gambling budget often incur huge losses. In this article, we discuss how much professional sports bettors make.

An Analysis of the Figures

Many people assume that professional bettors win more than 60 percent of their sports bets. But, only a few gamblers maintain a 60 percent winning percentage. Most of them are within the range of 55 to 59 percent. Besides, such pundits place large stakes on each bet hence making huge profits. It is unwise to place a small stake and create an accumulator comprising nine sports events to achieve a certain payout target. Still, you can visit Betway to place pre-match and live bets.

Some betting sites charge gamblers a certain fee. This includes a standard vig which the house charges pundits when it books their action. Thus, if you wager $150 on a specific event, you will be required to pay $130 to pay the booking fee. Statistics state that less than 10 percent of regular bettors win more than 52 percent of their bets.

Actual Punters’ Winnings

Some amateurs venture into sports gambling believing that they will start winning huge payouts from the beginning. Also, those who often watch games assume that it isn’t necessary to research teams since they understand certain sports. So, all gamblers including professional bettors need to research before they place bets. You can start betting with as low as $20. Analyze the previous performance of a particular player or team to determine their chances of winning.

A study done a while ago revealed that about 1.3 percent of daily fantasy baseball gamers make 91 percent of overall winnings. So, most baseball players have a slim winning probability. Even so, some gamblers earn a living from sports betting. They have opened betting accounts on different sportsbooks to get bonuses, promotions, and the best odds.

You can specialize in one sport or understand the basics of several sports. Besides, sports like soccer have thousands of leagues played in different countries. So, you will find several games to wager on throughout the year.

It is advisable to take time while choosing sportsbooks. Check their customer reviews, payment options, and licenses. Some fraudulent betting firms don’t pay winnings on time. Pick a betting site that provides unlimited customer support.

Most experienced bettors who wager at Betway create a gambling budget that is less than 40 percent of their disposable income. They often have a winning percentage of 52 to 58 percent. It is tricky to maintain a 60 percent winning percentage for long. So, it is advisable to take a break whenever you are on a winning or losing streak. This prevents one from being overconfident or chasing losses.

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