How Much It Cost To Build Various Kenyatta University Buildings – Postmodern Library , Amphitheater ETC

It is actually ridiculously difficult to find this information. However, according to some tender document I read some time back, it cost approximately Kes: 639, 319, 248 to construct the Kenyatta University Post Modern Library.

If you are interested in the cost of the other new buildings in Kenyatta University, heres some information.

Computer Laboratory Centre

Kes. 32,085,000

Science Laboratories

Kes: 66, 800, 000

Student Centre

Kes: 189,384,000

Lecture Halls

Kes: 128,087,000

Suswa Hostel

Kes: 67, 620,000

School of Economics

Kes: 211, 560,000.

School of Tourism and Hospitality

Kes: 59, 010,000


Kes: 178,800,000

School of Engineering

Kes: 174,090,000

Nyayo Hostels two blocks

Kes: 211,260,000

Anatomy Laboratories Phase III

Kes: 45,000,000

Perimeter Wall

Kes: 45,000,000.

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