How To Activate Safaricom Halal Pesa

This is a guide on how to activate Halal Pesa. Halal Pesa is the first Shariah-compliant based digital financing product powered by Mpesa in partnership with Gulf African Bank. Currently, it is a financing product only and does not have saving.

Halal Pesa was designed to cater to Muslim customers, who stay out of other lending products since they don’t adhere to Shariah law which does not allow taking loans or borrowing money from banks or individuals where interest is charged.

The product is based on Shariah principles and operates under the Tawarruq model, which basically means that the customer is given a facility and not a loan. It is available to all Mpesa registered users.

How to Activate Halal Pesa

  • Go to Mpesa super app under the ‘Grow’ option, Halal Pesa mini app.
  • For customers without the Mpesa app, download from either the App store or Google play store.


  • Dial *334#.
  • Select loans and savings.
  • Select Halal Pesa.
  • Select register.
  • Check terms and conditions, read and then accept the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN.
  • You will receive a confirmation message from Halal Pesa.

Halal Pesa Product Limit

  • Minimum limit is Kshs 1,000.
  • Maximum is Kshs 15,000 (first time customers) and Kshs 20,000 (repeat customers), subject to customer’s qualifying limit.

How to Repay Halal Pesa

A customer may repay partially or in full. If the facility is not paid by the set date (30 days), the facility will be restructured to allow for another 30 days at a 5% profit rate of the principal amount.

  • Go to Halal Pesa mini app or dial *334#.
  • Go to facility.
  • Select pay facility.
  • Select facility to be paid.
  • Select option to pay in full or partial.
  • For full payment, enter the Mpesa PIN and confirm to pay.
  • For partial payment, enter the amount, Mpesa PIN and confirm to pay.
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