How To Answer Common Interview Questions

Here is a guide on how to answer common interview questions that a hiring manager might consider asking, to determine whether you qualify for a particular job or not. The questions are at times aimed at gauging how good you are at thinking on your feet.

Here is a list of common interview questions and sample answers.

1. Tell Me About Yourself

This is a crucial question that requires you to talk about yourself in summary. Give a concise and compelling pitch that clearly shows why you are fit for the job in question.

  • Always start with your name
  • Briefly discuss your education background/history
  • Tell more about your job experience and why you are qualified for the job in question

2. What Are Your Strengths

Remember to talk about strengths that are in line or align with the job or role you are applying to. This is a golden chance for you to ‘market’ yourself. You can mention examples demonstrating your strengths and what you did. For example, as a strong organizer, you successfully coordinated projects so and so…

3. What Are Your Career Goals

Mention both short term and long term goals. Be specific and mention how you will meet the goals. In this case, mainly talk about how you intend to learn more and improve your performance.


My short term goal is to get a job in a reputable company where I can utilize my skills and improve my career path.

4. Why Are You Looking For A Career/Job Change

This is a very tricky question that requires you to talk about how you are looking for a new career challenge or focus area. Your answer should relate to your career goals. You can briefly talk about your previous employer, but avoid saying negative comments about your previous employers.

5. Why Do You Want To Work With Our Company

This is your chance to prove that you have well researched about the company you want to work for. State what you like about the company. This should partly relate to your long term career goals.

6. Why Should I Hire You

This question requires you to share your track record, knowledge, relevant work experience and goals you have previously achieved. Also, focus on what else you can bring to the job. Be confident as much as possible.


I have a strong work ethic and very enthusiastic about this company and the job. I strongly believe that my motivation and commitment will ensure that I become a productive and valued member of your team.

7. What Are Your Weaknesses

Don’t say that you don’t have any weakness. Describe a genuine weakness and mention the efforts you are putting in to improve on the weakness.

8. What Is Your Salary Expectation

It is recommended that you talk about pay in terms of ranges. Don’t be specific about a particular number. Provide a salary range that is based on the current industry market. You can also include other benefits, such as health benefits, pensions and time off, which are all in the context of salary.

9. Do You Have Any Questions To Ask Me?

Drill drown into an area that might not have been covered in the interview. You can also narrow down on something that has been briefly mentioned by the interviewer. This conveys a positive picture of you to the interviewer as it shows that you have been attentively listening to what was being said throughout the interview.

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