How To Apply For A TSC Maternity Leave Online

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of applying for TSC maternity leave online. We will also highlight the required documents to facilitate the application.

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has taken a progressive step to streamline and simplify the process of applying for maternity leave for teachers. Gone are the days of long queues and paperwork, as the TSC now allows teachers to apply for their maternity leave online through a user-friendly portal. This modern approach not only saves time and effort but also ensures a smoother and more efficient experience for expecting teachers.

How To Apply for A TSC Maternity Leave Online

  1. Visit the TSC Online Leave Application Portal: Access the official TSC website and navigate to the online leave application portal. You can easily find this portal by searching for “TSC online leave application” on your preferred search engine.
  2. Enter Your Profile Details: Upon reaching the portal, you will be prompted to enter your profile details, including your TSC number, ID number, and phone number. Accurate information is crucial to ensure a smooth verification process.
  3. Verify Your Account: After providing your profile details, click on the “Log In” button. You will receive a 6-digit code on your registered mobile phone for verification. Enter this code on the portal to proceed further.
  4. Access the Leave Options: Once you are successfully logged in, click on the plus icon to reveal various options, including the types of leave available.
  5. Choose TSC Maternity Leave: Select the “TSC maternity leave” option from the displayed list of leaves. This will direct you to the maternity leave application form.
  6. Complete the Maternity Leave Form: Fill in the TSC maternity leave form with accurate and honest details. Double-check all the information to avoid any errors that may delay the processing of your application.
  7. Submit Your Application: After carefully filling out the maternity leave form, click on the “Submit” button to complete the online application process. Your application will now be forwarded to the relevant authorities for approval.

Required Documents for Maternity Leave Application

To successfully apply for TSC maternity leave online, you will need to ensure you have the following documents ready:

  1. Family Declaration: A document stating the details of your immediate family, which may include your spouse and children.
  2. Certificate Regarding Birth of a Child: A legal document verifying the birth of your new baby.
  3. Duly Filled TSC Online Leave Application Form: The maternity leave application form available on the TSC portal must be filled out accurately and completely.
  4. Doctor’s Certificate: A medical certificate from a qualified healthcare professional, confirming your pregnancy and the expected due date. This certificate should be submitted at least 15 days before your intended leave start date.

List of Other Leave Types one can Apply Via the TSC Online Leave Application Portal

The portal provides for the following types of leave applications:

  • Paternity Leave
  • Spouse of Diplomat
  • Examination Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Annual Leave
  • Compassionate Leave
  • Special Leave
  • Adoption Leave
  • Official Duty

The online application system for TSC maternity leave in Kenya marks a significant improvement in administrative efficiency and convenience for teachers. By providing a step-by-step guide and highlighting the necessary documents, teachers can now apply for maternity leave from the comfort of their homes or schools. The portal also ensures a more streamlined and organized approach to managing different types of leave for teachers, ultimately benefiting both educators and the education system as a whole.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Contacts

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