How To Apply For KCB Corporate Card

KCB is the largest bank in Kenya classified under tier 1. Among its products, offers include loans, credit cards, savings, investments and mortgages.

Besides its card options of credit cards and prepaid cards, the bank also offers corporate cards. These cards allow senior staff to pay for allowances, corporate travel expenses, entertainment, etc.

The card brings in accountability of staff within an organization, releases employees from the hassle of carrying cash while out on official duties, It is convenient and easy tracking of staff allowances and allows flexible corporate statements for easy reconciliation

In-order to qualify for the card, one has to avail:
-Banks statements for the last 6 months
-Memorandum and Articles of Association
-Certificate of Incorporation
-Audited Accounts for the last 2 years
-Board resolution from the account signatories
-Duly filled credit card application form of each signing staff

Contact info
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Tel: +254 (732) 187000
Tel: +254 (711) 087000
Sms: 22522

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