How To Apply For The Helb Student Smart Card

The HELB Smart Card is a pre-loaded card issued to students and is linked centrally to a sponsoring university/college that allows college students easy access to their money.

The HELB card offers the following features:

The card is a multi-wallet card with 3 wallet accounts (Tuition, Upkeep & VISA) which can be used at various VISA branded ATMs and POS terminals worldwide.

It also features the student’s name, photo, course, registration number as well as the university’s name and logo.

It is reloadable on the VISA wallet through HELB partner banks and is used to access HELB disbursements. It offers NFC capability and access barcode at the back of the card.

The card offers a wide range of beneficial services to both students as well as the university/college.

For students, the card is convenient due to its several transaction access points which include: VISA branded ATMs, Co-op ATMs, merchants and also agents.

It also offers the flexibility of disbursements and can also be used as a budgeting or planning tool for its users.

For university/colleges, it allows for operational efficiency through access controls within the campus premises thus making it convenient for students.

It is easy to implement since it offers dedicated relationship support as well as Call centre support services. In addition to account monitoring and reconciliation for the card accounts.

To apply for the card, one requires:
-A duly signed application/contract agreement between the University and the bank – Visit the Dean of Students office to obtain one/ any HELB partner bank near you.
-Signed mass data upload instructions for all prospective cardholders by the University

HELB Partner Banks 

  • Cooperative Bank
  • National Bank
  • Post Bank
  • Equity Bank
  • Family Bank
  • NIC Bank
  • Jamii Bora Bank
  • KCB
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