How To Book An NTSA Driving Test

This is a step by step guide on how to book an NTSA driving test. Any applicant who is satisfied that he/she can take a driving test shall be required to book for a driving test, stating the date, time and location he/she would like to go for the driving test. All driving tests are undertaken at Driving Test Units which are based across the country. The tests are conducted by professional Driving Test Examiners. The tests shall include the following;

  • Knowledge of the rules of the road.
  • Knowledge of recognized road signals and road signs.
  • Knowledge of any authorized road or highway code.
  • Physical fitness to drive a motor vehicle of the class for which the license is required.

Once an applicant has passed a driving test, he/she shall be issued with a certificate of competence (COC) indicating the class or classes of motor vehicle he/she is permitted to drive. It is valid for a period of three months and upon expiry it will be at the discretion of the licensing officer to decide whether the applicant will undergo another driving test, or on the contrary approve the application for payment of the driving license.

How To Book An NTSA Driving Test

1. Login to the TIMS self-service portal via

2. Click on driving license.

3. Click on test booking then click next.

4. A page will be displayed requiring you to fill in relevant information. Correctly fill in the information. Select your preferred test centre, test location, date and time, then click on next.

5. Proceed to make payments. You will be required to pay a fee of Kshs. 650. The payment is non-refundable and can be paid via Mpesa or any other relevant means. Mpesa is the most convenient and fastest means.

6. After successfully making the payment, click on complete.

7. You can proceed to print your invoice.

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