How To Change GOtv Package In Kenya

This is a guide on how to change GOtv package in Kenya. GOtv is a low-cost and the fastest growing digital pay TV in Kenya. It was launched in 2011 by Multichoice. It offers various packages such as GOtv Lite, GOtv Value, GOtv Plus, GOtv Max and GOtv supa. The packages offer a wide range of local and international channels that showcase movies, music, news, sports, kids content and many more.

GOtv subscribers enjoy a lot of benefits that no other digital pay-TV providers offer. They mainly benefit from the low cost of packages and flexibility of services. They can change, upgrade or downgrade from one package to another.

One may opt to change, upgrade or downgrade his/her GOtv package to access more channels or to find a package that suits his/her budget.

How To Change GOtv Package In Kenya

1. Visit the GOtv website via

2. Log in and enter your IUC number and phone number. The IUC number is found at the bottom of your decoder (one with a red sticker).

3. Select ‘build a package’ from the dashboard.

4. Choose the GOtv package you want to upgrade or downgrade to then click next.

5. Click on pay button then select your preferred GOtv payment system. Ensure you fill in the correct payment details for your transaction to go through. The payment can be made through Mpesa, via Paybill number 423655. If you pay via Mpesa, you will receive a transaction confirmation message.

6. After successfully making the payment, wait for your package to be activated or processed. This will take between 5-10 minutes.

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