How To Change Your Zuku Wifi Username and Password

This is a simple guide on how to change your Zuku router Wifi username and password in Kenya.  Zuku is currently the largest home internet provider in the country with more than 330,000 subscriptions.

Just in case you don’t like your current Wifi name or suspect that someone has access to your network, you can secure it using the following steps. Remember that you must be connected to the router via wifi or LAN cable for this to be successful.

How To Change Your Zuku Wifi Username and Password

1. Open your web browser and enter into the address bar.

2. The default username is admin and the password is password. Click Login.

3. Proceed to wireless ( on the main menu)
4. On your left, click on the primary network
 5. This is where you will see the current username ( labelled as Network Name – SSID)  and password (WPA Preshared key ) 
6. You can now proceed to change the Wifi name and password. Once done, scroll down and click apply. 
To see who is currently using your Wifi, click on the Access Control button on your left. 
If you require any further information or technical assistance, feel free to contact Zuku Kenya using the avenues below;
Twitter: @Zukuofficial


Facebook: Zuku Official

Zuku line: 0205 205 205 {calls from Zuku landline are actually free}

Safaricom: 0719028200 / Airtel: 0732132200

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