How To Check If A Health Facility Is Licensed In Kenya

This is a step by step guide on how to check if a health facility is licensed in Kenya. All health institutions in Kenya must be registered and licensed by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Council (KMPDC). The council regulates the practice and licensing of medicine, dentistry and healthcare institutions that include private & mission hospitals, medical, dental centers & clinics, nursing & maternity homes and standalone funeral homes.

KMPDC’s mission is to ensure the provision of quality and ethical healthcare through appropriate regulation of training, registration, licensing, inspections and professional practice.

You can search the council’s registers to ensure that the health facility or health practitioner treating you is duly registered and licensed to offer such service.

How To Check If A Health Facility Is Licensed In Kenya

1. Go to the KMPDC website via

2. Click on Registers option from the menu.

3. Click the Registered Health Facilities Registers. This will direct you to Health Institutions Register and Medical Camps Register.

4. Select your preferred option, either medical camps or health institutions. If you click on any of the options, a page containing all licensed health facilities will be displayed. The page displayed contains details such as;

  • Facility name
  • Registration number
  • Address
  • Facility type
  • Level
  • Bed capacity
  • County
  • Status

5. Alternatively, you can proceed to do a search once you have clicked on the medical camps/health institutions tab. This is if you have details of the facility (name or registration number).

6. You can confirm whether the health institution is licensed or in operation by simply checking on the status section. If the facility is licensed, the status will indicate Active. This means the institution is registered and licensed to operate within the relevant calendar year.

Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentists Council Contacts

Office Location: Woodlands Road, Hurlingham, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0727 666 444, 0111 052 222


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