How To Check Unclaimed Assets In Kenya

This is a guide on how to check unclaimed assets in Kenya. The Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority is the body mandated to administer financial assets in Kenya.

Unclaimed assets are assets that have been presumed abandoned and have become unclaimed assets under the provision of Section 4 to 18 of the Unclaimed Financial Assets Act.

Unclaimed assets may include;

  • Unclaimed deposits and benefits from collapsed institutions.
  • Dormant accounts in banks.
  • Unclaimed dividends and interest earned from stocks and shares.
  • Unclaimed utility deposits in books of power and water companies.
  • Unclaimed retirement benefits at insurers and pension administrators.
  • Unclaimed death benefits and annuities from insurance companies.
  • Unclaimed bail and bond money deposited in the courts of law.
  • Uncollected prize money, eg. from a lottery.

How To Check Unclaimed Assets In Kenya

Unclaimed assets can be checked online via the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority website or via USSD.

(i). Online

1. Log in to the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority website

2. Click on Start Claiming.

3. Log in to the UFAA’s claims portal or sign up/ register if you haven’t done so.

4. Once you have successfully logged in, click on the search bar.

5. Enter the name of the asset owner in the search bar.

6. A list of assets will be displayed. If you want to claim the assets or any asset, an option to claim them will be provided.

(ii). Via USSD

1. Dial *361#.

2. Follow the prompts as will be directed or required.

3. Register by providing your official name and National ID number.

4. You will be provided with a PIN.

5. Reply with your PIN as will be directed.

6. Redial *361#.

7. Select option 1, Search for unclaimed assets.

8. Enter the official name/ ID number of the owner of the asset in question.

9. A list of the number of assets will be displayed for you.

Required Documents 

  • A duly signed consent form.
  • Completed form Original Owner(s) claim form (Form 4A) duly commissioned.
  • Completed Indemnity agreement (Form 5) duly commissioned.
  • An official letter received from the holder confirming remittance of unclaimed financial assets to the Authority.
  • Certified copy of the claimant’s national identity card or passport (Certified by a lawyer).
  • Copy of claimant’s KRA PIN certificate.

The Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority Contacts

Location: Pacis Centre, 2nd Floor, Slip Road, Off Waiyaki Way, Westlands.

Contacts: 020 402 3000/ 0706 866 984/ 0736 559 152.

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