How To Check Zuku Account Balance

This is a simple guide on how to check your Zuku balance, next due date, account number, and how to upgrade your account as of 2021. Zuku is one of the largest internet service providers in Kenya who have build a name in the industry for offering affordable packages. Other than offering internet, the Wananchi Group company also provides TV services which come free depending on the internet package you have chosen.

How To Check Your Zuku Account Balance

1. Dial  * 502#

2. Enter 2 (Account Information) then press send

3. Enter 1. (Balance Enquiry) then press send

4. Select your account then press send

5.  Your account balance will be then shown.

How to Check Your Zuku Account Number 

1.Dial * 502#

2.Enter 2. (Account Information) then press send

3.Enter 4. (View Account Number) then press send

4. Your account number will be shown on the screen.

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