How To Choose A Doctor and What About Private Hospitals?

Today, it is very difficult to find a sensible and understanding doctor. I would like a specialist to combine such qualities as diligence, love for the profession and qualifications. But often you will not find what you need right away. This still happens with quality gaming establishments. But at least here, you can be sure the name of the favorite is Betwinner. But how to pick a doctor, we will talk with you below. We will give practical advice and answer popular questions.

Where to look for a doctor?

In Kenya, it is advisable to sign a declaration with a doctor whom the patient knows and is satisfied with, as well as ask for advice from relatives, neighbors, and friends.

You can also contact your local health department to find out which doctors work in the city or district. Another option is to go to a medical institution, read on the website, if there are any, ask at the registry.

At the same time, those who have already begun to decide on the choice, complain about the lack of a single database from which to decide a doctor, and call on the authorities to work on this issue.

  • “It would be nice to have a state resource that would describe all available doctors with the opportunity to leave feedback on both the doctor and the hospital,” the prominent doctor wrote on Facebook.
  • “Not everyone has information on the Internet. It would be good if the registry had information about everyone where he studied, where he worked,” said a private doctor who has been working on the choice of doctor for several weeks.
  • Why did we need private institutions? The answer is simple: the quality of service, – explains the logic of the reform, Deputy Minister of Health Pavlo Kovtonyuk. – “Privateers” are accustomed to working in market conditions, accustomed to competition. The participation of private institutions in the reform will be an impetus for increasing the overall level of quality of health services. Slower utilities will be forced to “change for the better” or lose.

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Payment issues require special attention!

The cost of medical services in Germany and Israel is almost the same. However, in Israel, payment is more often in dollars, and in Germany – in euros. This nuance can finally significantly increase the cost. Israeli clinics provide a “package of medical services” that already includes patient support and translation of documentation. In Europe, you will most likely be offered to pay for medical care and support separately. 

In addition, the cost of so-called “additional services” – translation and translation, transfer, etc. – is usually higher in Europe. A nice exception to this rule are clinics in Belgium, where the cost of medical services is lower than in other clinics in Europe. In addition, assistance is provided by qualified staff, and the cost typically includes translation and patient support services.

Israeli clinics do not require prepayment, ie the patient can pay for everything upon arrival at the clinic. European clinics, on the other hand, prefer full prepayment.

The lowest “economic” cost of medical services in clinics in Singapore and Turkey. In addition, the “package” of services of Turkish hospitals includes support: a meeting at the airport, transfer to a hotel or hospital. In contrast, in Singapore, all additional services will have to be paid for separately. 

An important point: the interpreter in Singapore clinics is provided for a fixed number of hours, so be sure to ask for the cost of additional hours of translation. For a number of reasons, choosing a clinic in Asian countries should be careful.

With certain medical diagnoses, foreign clinics may ask for a deposit to prevent unforeseen situations and complications. Such potential “risk” states include bone marrow transplantation, childbirth, certain surgeries, and so on.

Questions and answers

What will the patient have to pay for?

All primary care is covered by the institution’s insurance funds and is provided free of charge in the same way as emergency care. Also, the concept of reforming the health care system adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers stipulates that in the later stages of the reform. Any surcharges that may appear under the solidarity health insurance system will be the same for all citizens. However, this does not apply to primary care services.

Will there be a rating of clinics, hospitals, and doctors themselves?

So. Today, there are ratings that help patients choose a private doctor. The number of such services will increase. But the main thing is real contact. You need to pick the doctor you trust.

Can there be numerous agreements if the patient lives in different places?

A primary care physician is a physician who supports the patient for a long period of time. He must know his patient. Therefore, such a doctor is usually one. Of course, there are situations when a doctor is on vacation or when a patient in a foreign city needs a doctor’s help.

Can there be one-time agreements with the doctor if the patient is not assigned to him?

This relationship is not covered by the Kenya National Health Service agreement.