How to Choose the Best Clearing and Forwarding Agent in Kenya

Clearing and forwarding in Kenya is not a new field. For that reason, there are numerous clearing and forwarding agents in Kenya. The clearing and forwarding agents help other people to transport goods from outside countries to Kenya or the other way round.
There are very many processes that need to be undergone before goods are cleared to enter or leave the country. All this cannot be done by an individual and therefore clearing and forwarding agents come in handy in processing all the legal requirements to ensure that goods are transported to the required destination within the shortest period of time.

5 Qualities of Clearing and Forwarding Agents to Check in Kenya.

 1. Registration

First it is important to verify whether the clearing and forwarding company you want to entrust with your cargo is duly registered. Many fraud cases are common with companies that pose as clearing and forwarding agents only to go away with the cargo of their clients. To avoid this menace, take your time to confirm the registration of a company and also using past referrals from other people whom you trust can be very helpful.

2. Experience in Clearing and Forwarding

In any professional aspect, experience is always key to good service delivery. Clearing and forwarding in Kenya boasts of numerous agents and with each passing day, there are more clearing & forwarding companies in Kenya that come up. However, it is in your best interest that you choose a C&F agent who has experience in handling your cargo. With experience comes efficiency. Not only are you interested in your cargo being delivered safely, but also at the right time. Experience being a good teacher, the clearing and forwarding agents can guarantee speedy delivery of your goods within the period you expect them.

3. Honesty and Quality Services

Choose a company that does not compromise on quality. Avoid companies that may advice on short cuts that may end up costing you more in the long run. Deal with a company that is completely honest and observes all the protocols expected. This will ensure that your goods are delivered and no illegal channels are followed during the process of transportation.

4. Tracking Shipment

A good clearing and forwarding company will allow you to track your shipment from the country of origin to the point of destination. This gives a person the peace of mind and the ability to arrange for anything prior to the actual delivery.

5. Affordable Services

Affordable does not always mean cheap and in most cases, cheap may end up being expensive. Ensure you get an affordable price for your shipment so that you do not dig so much into your pocket, especially if it is business. Compare prices of various clearing & forwarding agents in Kenya and choose the one you think is the most affordable for you, considering all the other qualities.

State of Clearing and Forwarding in Kenya Clearing and forwarding in Kenya is a very busy industry meaning there are very many pros and cons to that. The fact that it is busy means that there is a lot of business between Kenya and the outside world and many people are making huge profits from importing and exporting cargo. With the business growing, it is important to look out for cons too. Clearing and forwarding in Kenya is flooded with cons and therefore a person must take time in deciding which the best clearing and forwarding company in Kenya is to transport their cargo with. We hope this helps.

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