How To Do GHRIS Registration and Download Your Payslip

This is a guide on how to do GHRIS Registration and download your Payslip in Kenya as of 2018.GHRIS  is a acronym for Government Human Resource Information System. It’s a  portal whose main aim is to address human resource needs of government employees. On the GHRIS portal,  government employees can download their payslips. Here is a step by step guide on how to register and download your payslip from GHRIS.

1. Fill in an employee registration form like the one below. LINK 

2.  The information will be validated against your record in the Ministry/Department. In case of disparities, contact the HRM Unit in your Ministry/Department.

How to download your payslip from GHRIS 

1.  Go to the LOGIN page , with  your USER ID and Password ( the ones you used during the registration)  you will be able to log in.

2. After logging in, you will see your whole needed data for downloading. As simple as that!
Many people tend to forget their passwords, in case you it happens to you just go to the login page and click at ” Forget password’ and do the reset.
For additional assistance, you can contact the GHRIS  support via or head to their

Facebook Page 

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