How to Book Madaraka Express SGR Train Tickets Using Mpesa

Kenyans will now enjoy an additional service that will enable them to book and pay for tickets on Madaraka Express through their mobile phones. This follows the introduction of an SMS based payment platform utilizing USSD code which will enable passengers to book, pay and even cancel tickets for the Madaraka Express. Passengers will be able to make up to 5 bookings at a go and will also allow them to purchase tickets up to 7 days in advance.

Here is how you can book the Madaraka Express SGR Train Tickets Using Mpesa.

1. Dial *639# on your phone.

2.  After  receiving the welcome message from the USSD, you will see two options ; Booking and Checking availability of a ticket.


3. If you choose option 1 which is booking a ticket, you will be given options of places to depart from.

4.  You will receive a prompt asking your destination.

5.  After choosing your destination, you will be asked on the date of travel.

6.  After entering your dates of travel, you will be asked to enter your preferred coach ; first / second class.

7.  After choosing your preferred coach, you will be asked to enter the number of people you will be traveling with.

8. After entering the total number of passengers you will be on board with, you will be asked to enter the number of children  ( Between ages of 3 and 11 ) you will be travelling with.

9.  You will be requited to submit your details ; name and ID  ( Details of only one adult )

10. You will get a total summation of your ticket prices and choose whether to pay instantly or later.

11. If you choose pay later , you will be given a Paybill and account number.

After all that, you will have now booked your SGR ticket via Mpesa!

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