How to Download a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya

This is a step-by-step guide on how to download and print a certificate of good conduct in Kenya. A certificate of good conduct is an important document that shows your criminal record. It clearly shows whether you have engaged in any criminal activity in the country.

In most cases, a certificate of good conduct is one of the requirements that employers ask for whenever one is looking for a job.

A certificate of good conduct takes about one to two weeks to be processed after your fingerprints have been taken. It costs Kshs 1,050 (Kshs 1,000 for the certificate and Kshs 50 is convenience fee). Once the certificate is ready, one can download or print it from the eCitizen portal.

In Kenya, the certificate is easily obtained if one lacks any criminal records with the Kenya Police department. Fingerprints of the person seeking it are run through the system of criminal records. In cases where the prints have no record, the person will be issued with a certificate.

The following people can be given a certificate of good conduct;

  • Kenyans residing in the country.
  • Kenyans residing in foreign countries.
  • Foreign citizens who are not aliens or refugees in Kenya.
  • Foreign citizens who are aliens and refugees in Kenya.

How to Download a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya

1. Go to the eCitizen portal and log in to your account.

2. Click on ‘Get Services’ on the section labelled Directorate of Criminal Investigations.

3. Go to the recent application section.

4. Under the recent application section, you will see an option for Generate Certificate PIN NIL.

5. Click on the reference number beginning with PCC. This is if the certificate has already been processed and is downloadable.

6. Proceed to download the file or click on the print option incase you want to directly print the certificate.

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